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The four schoolmates from Colchester spent long summer holidays thrashing out their late teenage masterpieces in parents’ living rooms. School finished, different paths were followed, different towns became home and the band became little more than a precious gem of nostalgia.

Fast forward a decade or so, Ben, Michael, Dominic and Sam met up under a railway arch in south London and set to work on new songs and formed the band you hear today. The deep rooted musical chemistry makes for a tight yet big sound. Using melody as the anchor, the self-exploratory lyrics run while the music meanders between snappy indie hooks and explosive hard rock. Sunday Arches offer a sonic spectrum while keeping one eye on the pop ideals.

We still get the same kick out of playing together now as we did when we used to play in school. Whether it be working on new material or putting together our ideal setlist, it never ceases to be fun. It feels like an almost transcendent experience when it all clicks and you become immersed in a sound. The whole truly is greater than the sum of its parts.

We find writing and arrangement to very cathartic. Music can enable you to make sense of feelings you may not otherwise be able to. You can put so much in to a song, it can almost feel like form of emotional closure. Songs then take on a life of their own and can mean something completely different to someone else.

The wheels started turning in late 2016. We got our heads down, finished a load of material, rehearsed like mad, played a string of live dates and released our debut EP.

We released our second EP ‘Feels Like Home’ in January 2018, produced and mixed by Tom Donovan.

Tom Robinson of BBC 6 Music aired our song 'Holding a Flame' on his Saturday evening show on 17th February 2018. He then included us in the BBC Introducing Mixtape.

We are currently busy working on new material to record later this year and booking more gigs for the coming months.

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