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Rising from the ashes of East Midlands underground stoner’s Lodestone, and Australian heavyweights Japunga, Derbyshire based Supersonic Death Monkey burst out of their rehearsal room in the summer of 2017 with a sawn off double barrel full of precision crafted, hard rock songs and an ammo bag of hard won experience on the long roads and dusty stages of the UK’s rock scene.

Utilising previous contacts, calling in favours owed and slamming social media, the brutally dynamic genre spanning three-piece set about quickly establishing a reputation for killer live shows, laid back professionalism and songs that’ll put a huge grin on even the most jaded of rock fans’ faces.

Recently completed debut EP Blueprints for Destruction sets the bands stall out and showcases their sound, a blend of the heaviest of heavy rock with spiky shards of metal and more than a healthy dose of bluesy stoner influenced guitar work.

The EP , which was released October 23rd, signifies everything that the band is capable of. For a debut release it shows the huge amount of promise within the band and their direction as they explore an old school metal vibe giving the listener a sense of familiarity.

The EP's three tracks Roll Right Over You, Bearclaw Warlocks and The Mirror covers a broad range of lyrical subjects from the deeply personal ambitions of the underestimated and undervalued, the torment of mental illness and the fantastical story of a mysterious witch cult hell-bent on human annihilation.

Although only a few months into their band’s journey, Supersonic Death Monkey’s calendar for 2018 is filling up fast with highly regarded gig promoters and festival bookers keen to secure the Monkey for their events. This juggernaut is thundering down the road, jet fuelled, fully loaded and ready to rock at a venue near you soon.

With gig dates booking up fast, promoters and agents are in constant contact to book Supersonic Death Monkey on one of their shows.

Keep up to date with all of Supersonic Death Monkey happenings via our social media sites including our website, www.sdmonkey.com and our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SDeathMonkey/

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