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I am an Alt- Folk inspired Singer Songwriter from Colchester, Essex.

I have wide and diverse musical inspiration from Dylan ,Mark Knopfler and Joni Mitchell through to Florence and the Machine, Jordan Gray, Loyle Carner,Wyclef Jean , Miley Cyrus, plus a wide range of world artists such as Mercedes Sosa, Rodrigo y Gabriela and I love Balkan Gypsy Music and Flamenco.

I started writing songs after following some excellent singer songwriters in and around London and found I had that thing in me that makes you want to get my songs out there- I am a "words first" person and I have to get stuff down as soon as it pops into my head, even if I'm on a plane or a train or in the middle of the night...I often wake up at 3am with a new song or lyric in my head!

It would be fair to say I am a late starter...I have always loved music and played a few instruments as a child and gave up when it got too hard, like many people do. I started playing guitar again about 10 or so years ago and since then music has properly taken over my life...I have taken a load of performance and theory exams and got to a position to read and compose and I do a little music teaching around my gig schedule. I also play banjo ,uke, and mandolin and love collaborating with other musicians.

I love travelling around Europe and collecting new words, ideas, music and sometimes I'll take a guitar and play in a bar - I love that it's easy to do that in Spain or Italy or Germany or Holland and there is such a warm reception for musicians who just want to play !

I am lucky enough to perform regularly in my local area on and in London from time to time, and I love it when people come and ask what made me write a song-:

My song Bags on this profile was written after running up a hill in the depths of winter thinking about obsessive behaviour and how we keep on doing things in life sometimes ,even though they are no good for us, and how if we are lucky you find someone who gets that about you and loves you anyway! 😊

I am currently working on my debut album release which should be out in early 2018.

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Date Saturday 21 October 2017 at 11:30
Address Firstsite, High Street, Colchester, United Kingdom, CO1 1JH
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