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Sweet Tooth are an Alternative/Indie Rock band based in Bristol with members from across the UK. Their powerful, energetic live shows play a major part in showcasing the catchy songs to their audience and thanking them for all of their support. They have two EPs available to stream and buy on iTunes, Spotify and more platforms! As well as this they have recorded and released two music videos for their singles 'Punch Up' (released June 2016) and 'Supernatural' (released September 2017).

Since forming in 2016 Sweet Tooth have gone from strength to strength playing live shows to the local audience and working on perfecting their sound and presence to best suit the supporters. The band are best friends and this reflects in their chemistry on stage and in general. They take their music seriously but they love to have fun.

The six piece is made up of Jordan Round (vocals and guitar), Marcus Houghton (guitar), Rafael Martins (bass), Callum Hepburn (drums), Lily Page (vocals), and Emma Lawrence (vocals). Their personalities are so contagious that their friends and audience can't help joining in. Lead vocalist Jordan Round’s original ideas and song writing have had a huge part in creating the band’s amazing sound. Each player knows their instrument well, and they are fundamental in making the finished product – it is this unity and teamwork that is so often lost in bigger bands, but Sweet Tooth make it work.

The band capture their audience with seemingly random lyrics “I think a swordfish stole my wife” and “I have a burger with no bun” that actually bring so much context to the song that you perhaps don’t realise at first. The song-writing is clever and almost witty, yet still gives off a sort of sadness. The lyrics really help bring the tracks to life and make it extremely genuine.

Sweet Tooth's new EP 'Jaded' (released October 2017) was inspired by the idea of being a visitor in your own head. Feeling like you don't recognise your own thoughts and you don't know where to run to get away from them. The EP is an acknowledgement of the problem, giving hope to those facing similar issues.

Sweet Tooth are currently planning a UK tour in the spring time of 2018. Keep your eyes out for the announcement so you can come and see for yourself!

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Date Thursday 11 January 2018 at 13:44
Address Hare & Hounds, High Street, King's Heath, Birmingham, United Kingdom, B14 7JZ
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