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Tadhg is a 19 year old solo artist from the small village of Two Mile House in County Kildare, Ireland.
He began playing guitar at aged 11, began recording his own music at 15 and has been in various bands.
Tadhg has had a reasonably large output in the past, primarily utilizing the platform Bandcamp, until he decided put his latest EP “It’s All In My Head” on Spotify to garner more fans and exposure.
He is currently working on what he hopes to be his debut album, which may be released sometime in 2019.

“I began playing guitar basically because my cousin had a sunburst Squier Stratocaster and a 15 watt amp, and every time I went over, I’d always have a go. Needless to say, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. Anyways, one of my friends in school knew I was interested in learning, so he told me about this place in Naas called Jam Music, so I went there and learned guitar under John Broe of the band Thanks Brother (formerly of Miracle Bell). Through him I also learned bass and a bit of drums.
After a couple of years...I was about 15 at the time..maybe 14, I learned how to record music (not very well!) and I formed a band with my friends Will and Tom. We called ourselves The Escape and we recorded an EP that never saw the light of day, but recording it was a turning point for me, as I played the majority of instruments because I had a particular sound in my head.
I then formed Resistor with two guys (brothers to be exact) called Rob and Conor, and we recorded a single with a guy in Naas, it used to be on Spotify and all but has since been removed. That band was a great learning curve because I went to a studio for the first time and played a proper gig.
Since that band, I’ve been experimenting with music and recording, which is basically how I’m doing what I’m doing now.” - Tadhg Flinter, January 2019.

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