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Thailah (pronounced 'Ty-la") is the consummate performer. She sings like a Canary, dances like the breeze, makes hooks strong enough to reel in Yellowfin, and her acting abilities are so true they'd bring a tear to the eyes of Stella Adler & Lee Strasberg.

Thailah's third single 'Sweet', was discovered by the genius Curators/Editors of New Music Friday Deutschland & Schweiz - before being swiftly added to Spotify's Dutch Fresh Pop. She is currently in the process of climbing the Spotify playlist ladder and expanding her fanbase. You too should follow her on Spotify immediately - so you can impress all your friends by being into Thailah her way before anyone. Saving you the embarrassment of a friend exclaiming they've discovered a brand new artist on Radio 1's A-List. Don't run that risk...

In her burgeoning career, Thailah has collaborated extensively with the renowned Hedkandi DJ, Jayli - together they have created multiple drops of ear joy. Their song ‘Better', was arguably the real Jewel in the 2018 Sam Rockwell crime thriller, 'Blue Iguana'. Thailah is currently writing new songs for two new huge films currently in production, alongside the very talented cinematic composer, Okiem.

'Joy' will be the fourth in a quadruple of singles (available 21/06/2019), produced by J.AR.J. An up and coming producer or wizardry - also from London Town. Thailah and J.AR.J have worked tirelessly throughout the winter of ‘18 to bring audible pleasure to your summer of '19. Thailah will be releasing new music every month until March 2020. The tracks will showcase her writing skills while breaching a variety of musical genres.

BBC Radio 6 Introduced Thailah’s 'Bad Manners' to parts of the British Nation, via Tom Robinson's Introducing Mixtape (27/05/2019) - and in doing so, helped Thailah secure her first live show at London's o2 Islington Academy2 on August 31st. In the words of DervSwerve, It’s going to be “Rambunctious bounce-fest”. Tickets will be available via Spotify and Ticket master soon.

Thailah is quickly gaining notoriety across mainland Europe one country at a time. She has already made an impression in; Germany, Switzerland and Holland racking up thousands of streams. It's about time NME knew about her too.

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Date Saturday 31 August 2019 at 18:20
Address London, UK,

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