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Sounds likeThe Vaccines, Modern Baseball, The Beach Boys

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Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, this trio of best friends consisting of Adam Baumann (Vocals/Guitar), Eric Wigham (Vocals/Bass), and Jordan Narloch (Drums), put their own indie emo spin on surf rock music. In a mere six months, the band went from being completely unknown to playing multiple shows a weekend at popular house venues. These house venues quickly changed to small bars and venues, and quickly turned into local festivals, radio airplay, and more, and it doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon. Blending influences from The Vaccines, to Modern Baseball, to Death Cab for Cutie, and The Beach Boys, their music fuses driving and rhythmic guitar, funky bass grooves, and unique drum licks with intricate, metaphorical, and relatable lyrics and catchy melodies with plenty of harmonies to boot! The result is a sound that is full of energy both on and off the record.
The band self-released their debut acoustic EP back in October 2017 called A Portion of an Empty Promise. The EP featured stripped down versions of 7 of their songs. The idea to go acoustic was to focus on the lyrical content and allow the audience to relax and hear what the band had to say. A month later in November 2017, the band released a shorter, but peppier, 3 song EP called "I can hear my light." This EP was still driven by acoustic guitar, but featured a full line up with drums, guitar, and bass. It also show cased many harmonies, nanas, and ooh-bop-bops as a throw back to their influences. Finally after years of work and what felt like Empty Promises, The Aftergreens released their first full length album on May 4th, 2018. Working consciously to recreate the feeling of a live performance, the band put all they could give into the recording of the album. What resulted was a beautiful blend of everything the band had become known for; harmonies, catchy melodies, group vocals, grooving bass riffs, unique drum beats, and funky guitar rhythms. The band is now currently booking as many shows as possible to get the music out to their many eager listeners.

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