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Self-reflexive, self-aware and punishingly dry - the Allergens are a new-wave bubble-grunge indie-rock band from Exeter, Devon, a beautiful English backwater. Our all-original songs draw musically from bright, driving rock (Charly Bliss, My Chemical Romance, Weezer), with idiosyncratic lyrics inspired by the wry and snarky (Stephin Merritt, Morrissey, John Grant).

In our thus-far brief tenure, we have crafted a completely unique voice - one we've used to discuss fringe-society romance, drunk girls, tuition fees, Beyoncé's last album, the use of nitrous oxide at parties, shoeshine, and even the Kentish town of Herstmonceux. All this behind graphically sharp artwork inspired by a range of artists from Throbbing Gristle to Raymonde, and a sharp-dressed sensibility that we take with us just about everywhere.

We play for as long as we can, as loudly as possible and write and record at breakneck speed: in just over 18 months together, we have written and recorded an album, an outtakes compilation and ten EPs, a series of which are being released currently. All of our music (and any productions our members are associated with) are published under our own series, entitled the Debonair Imprint (https://www.discogs.com/label/1119817-The-Debonair-Imprint).

Billy and Oliver are fastidious listeners, authors and fans. Creating and experimenting at a furious pace, their work extends to the lo-fi electronic side-project, Eustace Walks and original music created for the University of Exeter Theatre Company's staged adaptation of A Clockwork Orange. Our initial recordings have also coincided with a burgeoning taste for production - we've engineered, produced and recorded all of our own work, beginning with a set-up that used precarious balancing and SingStar microphones, and latterly, with one that uses vintage microphones in an otherwise unsupervised recording space.

The passion and drive of this band however, is best witnessed at its shows; on stage, The Allergens are energetic, conversational and honestly powerful. End-to-end, our set bursts with sly liberal backhands and explosive distortion, riffs and feedback. Given the opportunity, we would 'die to be yours' - to take what we do beyond our small university city, as far and as loudly as possible.


Our members are:

Billy Brooks [lead guitar; songwriter]
Vinayak Kaul [drums]
Ross Rondel [bass guitar]
Oliver Rose [rhythm guitar & vocals; primary songwriter]

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