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The Baskervilles second single ‘YEAH YEAH YEAH’ was released in early September 2017 to further support from BBC Introducing Suffolk and some more great reviews, including:

“It’s a powerful guitar-led track, with vocals that slide through everything like a knife through (dairy-free) butter, and resonate within your mind.” – Joe Weaver, B –Side Music Magazine

“‘Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’ is the perfect balance for someone like myself. It has the heavy hitting guitar rifts that make me want to let my hair down and start head banging until I hurt myself, but it also has the slower moments that impart that sense of feeling and emotion that, I believe, are critical for any song to be a hit.” Kiefer Horlock, A Bag of Chips.

Kalashnikov, The Baskervilles third single of the year was released on 1st December 2017. Kalashnikov balances heavy hitting riffs and raw guitar tones with synth sub-bass and trap hats more often heard in hip-hop or pop music. The band produced the video for Kalashnikov themselves, wanting full creative control so that they could create a video that would reflect the messages within the lyrics. Kalashnikov received an exclusive premier on B-Side Magazine’s website before receiving multiple radio plays from BBC Introducing Suffolk and has been featured on Spotify Playlists such as ‘For the Love of Bands’

"Kalashnikov is the voice of anger for anyone who has the sense that we are currently being dealt a bleak future through the decisions made by the elite few. Though don't mistake Kalashnikov as a war cry for violence, the message in both the song and video is about taking a hard look into the twisted mirror of our society and understanding it's full of hypocrisy, the world needs to change but nothing good can come from screaming peace and love with a Kalashnikov in your hands." - The Baskervilles

“James has a deliciously crooning voice that perfectly offsets Callum Ferguson’s engaging fuzzy guitar riffs. Case in point is their latest single Kalashnikov.” - Robilz, GigRadar

“Kalashnikov is their third release of the year and this one is definitely my favourite. It’s hard hitting, it’s rapid fire and it’s bloody dangerous. It’s exactly what it says on the tin. I’m pretty sure I’ve already pulled a muscle head banging, at minimum I’ve lost a few brain cells that’s for sure.” - Keifer Horlock, A Bag of Chips

The band’s latest single ‘Blood In My Mouth’ has gained significant attention with multiple blog reviews and 48K+ streams on Spotify.

“Blood in my Mouth is for anyone who’s lost the one they love and is forced to forever relive the mistakes they made, hearing echoes of all the things you shouldn’t of said, and tasting the one you lost wherever you go, like blood in your mouth” - The Baskervilles

Blood In My Mouth definitely has more of a commercial sound than their previous releases however this doesn’t take away from the raw energy that makes this track one of the most exciting releases of 2018… Blood In My Mouth sounds truly majestic live, alongside their set-opener Kalashnikov... We really can’t wait to hear what the foursome release next because they’re one of the best indie rock groups around ” The Muisc Blog 42

“UK based indie rock band The Baskervilles are a band that really gets me excited and really bring a certain raw and electric vibe that is needed in the music scene. The guys deliver powerful energy-filled melodies and the voice is just perfect to guide you through this realm of their creation. “Blood in my mouth” not only has a title that stands out, but it is lyrically strong and paints a story that you can relate to. Every aspect of this track makes it a must listen and the visuals serve to give it that extra kick that turns it into an anthem personally” Wolf in a Suit

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