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Sounds likeArctic Monkeys, Queens of The Stone Age, The Libertines

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The Black Roses are a 4 piece London based band. Formed after drummer Mike Goodfellow and lead singer Anthony Stevenson met one another at Glastonbury festival 2015. Earlier formations of the band had already started when Anthony and bassist Valentin Pean started writing songs the previous year. With the addition of guitarist Richard Jones things are picking up with great momentum. Writing infectious indie rock, influences vary from early Arctic Monkeys, Queens of the Stone Age to The Libertines and The Strokes.

We try to write music that we enjoy, and hope that others will as well. Most themes for the songs tend to revolve around things we all experience with day to day life, the agony and ecstasy of relationships with friends and loved ones, the occasional depiction of an inebriated night out or three and the highs and lows that can be brought with it.

We are actively gigging on the London scene and are starting to venture further away from the capital. Making our debut in sunny Spain, Barcelona very soon.

We’ve also had some very successful festival experiences and hope to build on these with more shows next year.

We currently have an EP called “utopia” on all the streaming platforms. Our newest and proudest work “Heaven” has also just been released. Go check it out!

If you’re into music that carefully considers the lyrical direction of each song and tries to subtly depict a certain situation, whilst having heavy drums and distorted guitar riffs in the background, then our band is the one for you.

We all have a varied and eclectic taste in music and as time goes on, we hope our musical journey will continue to develop, challenge us and help us to create pieces of work that we can all be immensely proud of.

Have a listen to our music, come along to a show and get on board this out of control steam train that’s only gaining more speed and momentum with every passing moment. We promise you, you will not regret making these decisions, if anything, it might be the best one you may ever make.

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