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We are The Bolders a young duo band from Surrey who write original music with a classic 'rock' sound. We hope our music gets you your feet and has you singing along! Harry (11) and Louis (8) are brothers, Harry has been playing drums and guitar since he was 7. All their music is written on the drums and guitar alone. Harry writes the lyrics, the drum and guitar music. He teaches Louis (his young brother), who also plays drums the music so they can perform live. You can check out their live performances on their facebook page or on the you tube link. (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwyyNoDak4_5PxrOOabHfFA) Louis has also performed drums on two of the song recordings; Stick to The Glue and Why Do You Have To Be Cross About It? Harry loves music and will not stop singing... he listens to a lot of AC/DC and likes to crank up the volume, likewise Queen is something that is always on repeat. Favourite guitarist is Angus Young and favourite drummer is Chris Slade. The Bolders are always up for performing and will hopefully get more local opportunities as the two of them get older. Performing does not seem to phase them too much and if anything I would say they always seem so excited to get up and play in front of people, even just friends and family. The Bolders currently only have 6 songs available to listen to on apps but Harry has written many more which they hope to continue to record. Out of the songs they have recorded so far Harry's favourite is Good Day, he says "it has a different sound to his other songs and that makes it unique". Louis' favourite Bolders song is Why Do you Have to be Cross About it because he says "he likes the words and it reminds him not to be moody when he is". The lyrics of Harrys songs are rather interesting; sometimes surprisingly poetic and meaningful and other times nonsensical. Outside of music The Bolders enjoy football (playing and watching), caring for their pet cat, eating and making a lot of noise. The Bolders are making music thats for sure and we hope you enjoy listening!

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