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The Coffeemates are a five-piece group from Johor Bahru, Malaysia that, in their own words, are “taking Nusantara sound to [the] otherside of modern fusion music”. The sextet takes traditional instruments such as the gambus and transplants them into modernity, influenced by contemporary trends in world music and fusion.
The Coffeemates, are unashamedly in love with the sounds of traditional Malay folk music. However, The Coffeemates take a much more “fusion” route, by transplanting traditional Nusantara instruments (and melodic sense) more directly into modern sounds. But, while they’re not completely removed from the fusion and world music tags that they themselves seem to embrace, their music also carries with it a strong influence of anthemic modern-day indie rock that should help them avoid being typecast into only ever playing at world music and “heritage festival”-type of shows.
Taking Nusantara sound to otherside of modern fusion music is the main point The Coffeemates exist in this globalization era. From keronchong to Reggae , Joget to Rock N Roll dancing beats give us the chance to enhance and give the absolute chances for the Nusantara sound to breath once again. We are one 5 pieces band from Johor Bahru, Johor. Strive to safe the wonderful and beautiful sound of Nusantara and Traditional.
The Coffeemates has performed several shows around Johor small gigs and and VIP shows. We strive our best on saving this Nusantara vibes and sound in era of modernness. The power of Gambus, traditional tone of voice, old school riff of Guitar and Bass modern and traditional sound of percussion make us believe that this kind of sound will brings Nusantara to the World. we are the one who have to take the move to saves this arts and sound from vanished by the times and globalization. if there any chances for us to spread our wings we would like to have shows out from Malaysia for bringing our own musics and type of tradition here. we proud with our traditional sounds and like to share with the whole world what traditional Malay sound sounded like. thanks to NME for the opportunity.

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Date Friday 3 November 2017 at 01:00
Address Batu Caves Selangor Malaysia, 68100
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