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We are a newly formed indie band based in Leeds/Manchester. We all met through the Uni of Leeds Band Soc; at first, the band was composed of three of us (Dom, Jose and Jacob) meeting up twice a week trying to write some music with an acoustic guitar and no drum kit. After a few months of searching for a bassist, we finally found our final member Joe, as well as a room with some amps and a drum kit which let us finally compose and rehearse our new songs.
Our music can best be described as indie rock, drawing from bands that use quirky guitar riffs like The Libertines or The Cribs as well as those that focus on rhythmic strumming like The Strokes. However, with a variety of influences such as Joe's love for heavy metal, Jose's South American influence and Jacob's melodic acoustic taste, we don't like to confine ourselves to one specific genre.
Shortly after forming late last year, we have managed to play a few gigs around the Leeds area as part of local band festivals, and have some support slots for more established bands coming up (Make sure to come to see us if you're in the area). We are also trying to branch out to Manchester more, with a couple of gigs planned there, so check out our facebook for all our gig dates.
Unlike many signed bands, we are students and therefore poor (please come to our gigs and spend money on us) so when it came to getting our music recorded it was all self-made; We have our own equipment and have all recorded before, so we made, mixed and mastered our debut album to a professional standard all in a flat in Manchester! Since then, we have had our music made available on Spotify, apple music and a load of other streaming sites. We are currently circulating on a number of local, national, and global radio stations including BBC Radio Leeds, and hopefully plan to feature on more in the future.
So yeah, that's us - a few students making some tunes and having a laugh while doing it. Like the sound of us? Go check us out ;)

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Date Monday 18 February 2019 at 20:00
Address The Library, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, UK, LS2 3AP

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