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Sounds likeIf an English Punk band were playing in a Spaghetti Western film directed by Quentin Tarantino

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The Doolallys are a 3-piece rock n’ roll band from Camberley (Surrey) formed in 2017. Combining English 60’s spaghetti western twang guitar with funky punk rhythms and kitchen sink lyricism. Although each of the members of the band has different tastes, genres and influences they all share love for the same artists.These include the likes of Blondie, David Bowie, Arctic Monkeys, Television, The Smiths, Trudy and The Romance, The Velvet Underground, Kings Of Leon, The Clash and more.

Priding themselves on being a working class voice, the songs are raw, brutal and unapologetically honest. For example they range from being about stranded in a dodgy flat with weirdos on drugs (“Strangers”), people loosing touch with reality and themselves to phones/social media (“On Hold”) and fractured relationships (“Fatherless Kids”). Despite the subject matter however, the music evokes an upbeat and hopeful message which works perfectly and powerfully. Being school friends, growing up together and knowing each other since the age of 5 they have a chemistry like no other, particularly bonding of the love of music together.

The introduction to a musical instrument came as a tragedy for lead singer, guitar player and songwriter Harry Keenan as his father died suddenly three days before Christmas in 2007. Leaving him a guitar on Christmas Day he began playing immediately and writing songs. Since forming they have played all over the place particularly London. They have gained significant radio play on BBC Introducing as well as a Live Lounge slot in January 2019 all in just over 2 years. In May 2019 their first official debut single was released onto all major online platforms, the huge fan favourite and staple in their live set which is "Fatherless Kids".

As of the Summer 2019 the boys have been back in the studio recording professionally what will be their first official debut E.P, full of new songs as well as re-recording old favourites to the fans delight. Finally the dedicated fanbase will be able to get their hands on favourite songs that they have been dancing and singing to at the live shows, as well as gaining more of a following on the way. With each show getting bigger, better and rowdier and with new music on the way, The Doolallys are on the cusp of blowing up.

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Date Friday 30 August 2019 at 18:00
Address The Spice Of Life, Moor Street, London, UK, W1D 5NA
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