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Asking how long The Family Chain have been a band doesn’t get as simpler answer as you’d hope. If we go by how long George (vocals, guitar) and Sam (guitar) have known each other, been playing these songs, putting on shows together, we’d have to say 4 years.

But if we go by when The Family Chain gained it’s most recent member Callum (bass and vocals) who also joined Ollie (drums) and when the band finally found their mould, then we’d have to say 3 months.

The band has changed a lot in those 4 years. With over 15 different ex-members, we were starting to have the high staff turnover rate that The Fall were known for. A name change and a re-decoration of the sound over time, and we can see the evolution of The Family Chain today.

Most recent single ‘Catholic’ is one of the songs George and Sam have been playing together for 4 years. Inspired from over hearing a girl on the Level say to her friend ‘...I don’t want to be a catholic anymore...’ the phrase stuck and the song was written the next day. Since then the song has never left the set. It's one people often ask about and became our first signature song.

George takes song and lyrical inspiration from the subjects less talked about. You're more likely to find a song about an epileptic dog, getting high watching Last of the Summer Wine or crying in Sainsbury's toilet cubicles, than any sort of love song. That's how The Family Chain work, they will the gaps that no one else is. Having avoided being part of a 'scene' or a certain sound, they always do their own thing.

The Family Chain are not reaching for million-pound record deals, newspaper headlines or aching trophy cabinets. The Family Chain are just reaching for other people, music for the outsiders, to be the band that stand by you through points in your life, a band you can rely on and believe in.

In interviews we have been called a traditional band and maybe that’s right. We just want to play and write interesting, good music. Play it live a lot and enjoy being a band together. Because we do not crave fame or fortune, we ensure we will be around for a long time. Longevity is the aim goal of The Family Chain. To create albums that will save people and let them know they aren't the only ones.

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