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Long Story Short

Hospitalized with pneumonia in late 2016 and suffering a near complete physical breakdown in the wake of it, this served as a wake-up call for singer-songwriter The Fisherman. Abandoning all lofty plans of recording his debut album in a studio with a band, fancy equipment and a producer, he instead went into guerrilla mode and decided to do it all on his own.

Drawing on the raw and gritty sound from some of his favourite records by Elliott Smith and Nick Drake and inspired by his childhood hero Noel Gallagher, The Fisherman started to record his songs at home and formed his band The Sea – a raggedy band of likeminded sisters and brothers – in the process.

On New Year's Day 2017 The Fisherman created a hub for his musical endeavours called Neck of the Woods Records, spent the next months perfecting the sound of The Fisherman & The Sea and released their first EP in August 2017 via his own label.

On their debut EP 'Beggar Princess' the band's melodic scandinavian melancholy meets a boisterous universal hopefulness, exploring the light and the dark in us, utilizing a variety of musical emotion from grunge to folk and pop to ambience. It’s the first of 4 EPs surrounding the release of their debut album ’The Hurt & The Humour’ in May 2018.

A son of two cities connected by the sea, Helsinki, Finland and Hamburg, Germany, The Fisherman & The Sea join other emerging finnish talent like Alma and Mikko Joensuu in bringing a bit of that nordic midnight sun to a year full of exciting new music releases.


Long Story

Around seven years after The Fisherman first started writing for the 'The Hurt & The Humour' LP and it's accompanying EP's, the band have finally found their sonic identity: marrying the unexpected – grunge with folk, a cajón drum set with a blaring guitar amp or, as it were, hurt with humour – while churning out some rather catchy pop songs. The resulting debut EP 'Beggar Princess' was released independently on August 16th 2017.

Starting out in punk bands and graduating through grunge and post-pop into a less restricted artistic space, The Fisherman formed his first long term band Kia. After their split he first went even heavier with Blickfang, but also started writing Beatles-y acoustic songs, forming Those Fine Young Men in the process. Still, the urge to move ahead with the less 'middle of the road'-ish songs he had been gathering became so pressing that he started recording an LP alongside a host of EPs in the summer of 2016.

After half a year of trial and error trying to find the right sound and instrumentation to fit his songs, The Fisherman decided to go for an unpolished 'out of studio' sound with close to no traditional drums but a special cajón drum set, the Loota instead. The urban 'earthiness' that makes The Fisherman & The Sea's sound so compelling is highlighted by little everyday joys – that might count as mistakes in hi-fi productions – like the cat meowing in the background of 'Beggar Princess' second track 'Sea of Pleasantries' to name but one.

Alongside the 'Beggar Princess' release and the subsequent shows, The Fisherman & The Sea are also releasing a Youtube series called 'A Sea of Heroes' honouring singer/songwriters that helped inspire their music and the making of their first record.

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