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Sounds likeThe White Stripes, The Black Keys, Bass Drum of Death, Ty Segall

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THE FLAMINGOS PINK, also known as the Flamingo Brothers, feature JULIEN CORRADO on drums//percussion and SACHA GUBANY on guitar//vocals. Heavily influenced by Rock and Roll, the duo always brings the heat, untamed and ferocious. This flame coloured Shiny Disto Pop is sure to make you groove and make your body move.

The band was formed in 2018 though Sach and Jules have been jamming alongside each other for a few years. THE FLAMINGOS PINK is born out of a desire to work fast and efficiently in order to express feelings and emotions, on loud speakers. Drums, guitars and vocals.

The band wrote the ‘’ No Vogue EP’’ (released independently Sept 2018) in two months, recorded and mixed with Patrice Pruneau at Studio Piccolo.

The Flamingo Brothers lost no time, wrote and recorded 15 new demos in 3 months, built from the ground up. Drums first, lay down riffs and tones second with Phil Pelletier ( Thank You For Smoking Studios ) and then unleash the vocals with Pierre-Philippe Côté and Steven Doman at LeNid Studios. The latter then co-produced the record and lent a helping hand in adding luscious soundscaping to the project as a whole.

‘’It’s about knowing when to go down the rabbit hole and when to get out of it.’’

— Steven Doman ( recording engineer )

‘’Kustom Kreme’’ will be the first full length electric record comprised of 11 tracks, set to be released in September 2019.

This record is about capturing a moment, a snapshot in time. Having ideas and writing them down. Live shows, played with intent. These tracks are like surfing through your day and bringing sunshine your way. These songs are about saying what you feel out loud and dancing like nobody’s business. It’s about being generous with time and space. We’re dreaming of the Sixties’ vibe for nothing in return.

‘’It’s like Jack White stopping at a road house and The Doors are playing.’’

— Lenny Levine, Club Roll Rec.

‘’ Star in the movie of my life. No one is watching and that’s just fine.’’

— from the single ‘’It Might Be Mine’’

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