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The Happy Analogues were formed in 2006 in New York City and immediately released their debut EP entitled “Minimum Memory Required.” The following year, after the band played in major NYC venues like The Knitting Factory, The Cutting Room, The Rebel, CBGBs, the group released their full length album called “Lilacs And Politics,” which contained some of their early indie hits: “Beautiful Pain,” “The Universe is Mine,” “Jellybeans Forever,” “Crazy Girl For You,” and “Hodgepodge.”

In 2008, the band embarked on a tour across the states playing major cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington D.C. Baltimore, and Boston further solidifying the band’s audience base.

The following year, the band regrouped in the studio to craft and record a milestone double-album about their collective experiences at school called “School Tales.” The double album was quickly heralded as a masterpiece by critics and peers alike. The band took a break the year after and in 2013, returned to the studio to record their 3rd album, “The Fallout Shelter,” which went back to their Britpop, Ska, and Post Punk influences. Among the top tracks in the album are: "It's Gonna Be Alright," "Time Is All We Have," "Fly My Balloon," "The Fallout Shelter," "Here," and "We Could Only Pretend." A US tour and an Asian tour followed the release.

The band took another extensive break and after visiting London in 2016, they decided to regroup in the studio to record a love letter to the famed city. The album “Colours of the Underground” is regarded as the band’s finest record to date.

Colours of the Underground was produced by Ted Reyes and recorded in Brooklyn, New York. The band shot three music videos for the new album to support their singles: “Love Down The Tubes” - a song about a missed connection in the London Underground, “The Venerable Mr. Kent” - a tribute to their English tour guide, who showed them around Bath and Stonehenge, and “Left Side Driving” - a song about their experience driving left side on the British M5 Highway from Liverpool to Manchester.

The Happy Analogues Are:

Ted Reyes - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Synthesizers
Ronnie Lao - Bass, Vocals
Paul Zurita - Guitar, Vocals
Rich Saguirre - Drums, Percussion

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