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Sounds likeOasis, The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys

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Rousing and uplifting rock with ace lead vocals

Glasgow based rock and roll outfit with the sole intention of blowing your socks off.
Formed in 2013 by brothers and guitarists Alasdair and Scott Beattie, The Hazy Shades have built up a wave of excitement due to exhilarating live shows from King Tuts to London over the past 4 years.
Since the arrival of bass maestro Andy Buist and drum master Ross O'Connor, the band have evolved in both style and substance.
In 2015 the band released their debut E.P 'Let's Make Us A Deal'. The four tracks showcase a band with a clear blueprint for rock and roll success. A mix of melodic, well crafted tunes that are guaranteed to get your toes tapping, your fingers snapping and your hands clapping.
Following this The Hazy Shades announced the arrival of their next single 'Barricade' in August 2017. The rhythmic, energy inducing beats, bass and riff paired with the clever, well scripted lyrics announces something fresh to the UK music scene.
There's tunes to hum to, tunes to strum to and tunes crying out to be sung to. The songs are a well balanced mash up of blues, rock, indie and pop that are catchy and stay with the listener. Be prepared to find yourself inadvertently hitting out a chorus of Idle Hands or whistling the odd riff from In The Right Frame Of Mood whilst going about your day.
With a lot in the pipeline for 2018 The Hazy Shades are currently in the process of working towards their first studio album which will certainly not disappoint. With the excellent catalogue of songs already out and with many more in the process of being finely polished it will be one to note for next years calendar.

Things are only going to get more exciting with these fours around - keep your eyes open and your ears peeled.

As many of the greats before have stated before - 'rock n roll will never die' - it is clear that The Hazy Shades are well and truly on the road to doing this and doing it with style.

A band not to be missed!

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Date Thursday 9 November 2017 at 18:59
Address King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Saint Vincent Street, Glasgow, United Kingdom, G2 5RL
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