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When Rock met RnB and Pop. A synthesis of genres and a clash of the Twenty Teenies and 80s magic.

The North of England is as synonymous with great musicians as Brazil is with footballers and Belgium is with chocolatiers. Music is in our blood. We grew up listening to artists from our shores but also great American and international artists and this has mixed together to form our own unique musical style both sonically and lyrically. Guitars, synths, drum machines, steel drums and everything in between.

After meeting at Uni and annoying our neighbours blasting out the best in music of the last 4 decades we started experimenting with acoustic guitars and synthersiers and we through, like many other bands, many stages of reformation and musical identity.

Like many of the artists of this time we started making music seriously after the advent of accesable DAWS such as Logic Pro X. Thousands of amazing undiscovered artists hide in bedrooms around the world waiting to be heard.

The last few years we have mainly been concentrating on writing a strong body of work, improving our craft and recording beats but we are however hoping to play some live shows this year and to showcase our music video artforms to accompany some of our sounds.

We are called The Kolas simply because its an orignal, memorable and catchy word that is basically the word Cola spelt in a different way!

Its our dream to make great music that makes people feel something and do so with an original style. Is there anything worse than a band whose songs all sound the same? Well..maybe but its still not ideal!

The lyrics in our newest song "Flickers" explore this theme of today's pop stars having a leg up from a rich, connected family member along with other usual themes of cities at night time and general gobledegook!

We hope you enjoy our tunes! Feel free to follow, reach out to us or to share your own music with us. Music is about giving not just taking afterall! How noble, right?




Contact: thekolas@gmx.co.uk

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