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3 Hard rockin amigos from Barrow-in-Furness.

Making fast paced punk music since August 2017, The Liars Club have gained popularity in their home town and are looking to burst out onto the wider UK music scene.

We are three 18 year old lads from Barrow in Furness, Cumbria, who first got together around April 2017. The 'band' started as a dream shared by guitarist Daniel Milmine and bassist Jake Davies. With no drummer we found it hard to actually write any songs. Daniel decided to get in contact with one of his oldest friends and drummer extraordinaire, Noah Johnson. That was the drummer sorted, however we didn't have a singer. We toyed around with the bands set-up for months; bringing in different drummers and having Noah stood up playing guitar, bringing in a rhythm guitarist/ singer and having Noah on drums, but in the end nothing was working. In the end, Noah said, "fuck it" and rearranged his drum kit so that he could stand up, drum AND sing. Thus, The Liars Club was born, the best punk band since around August 2017 probably.

We are heavily influenced by the heaviness and speed of classic punk music, which you can hear in our first EP, released early 2017. We have another 4-song EP (mixed and mastered by Gavin Monaghan of Happy Garden Studios) in the pipeline which we feel reflects us a lot better than our debut EP, and we are eager to release it.

The second EP was recorded a few days after we played at the popular northern music festival, Kendal Calling, where we got a brilliant response from the local people who usually watch our gigs at home, plus a lot of support from fans who had never heard of us before. It was great to see the energy people brought to our show, there were loads of mosh pits and a lot of people really enjoying our set. After we'd finished playing at Kendal calling, we went home for a few nights, travelled to Wolverhampton to record our second EP and then after we'd finished recording we headed up to Manchester to play at the Night and Day Cafe, which was our first city gig. Again, we were received greatly and gained a few more fans after our set.

That brings us to now, sat at home trying to come up with 350 words for an NME bio, hoping to get our name out there and waiting to drop a fire EP.

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