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Sounds likeQueens Of The Stone Age, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath

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This project began as a love affair, a passion for music, we were sick of hearing these plastic rock bands pretending that they are here to save guitar music when they are nothing but glorified pop groups, we wanted something real, we wanted to make music that we would actually want to listen to, and most importantly we wanted to make every single person who listened to us to want to pick up a guitar.
It's time for the guitar to make a comeback, it's time to stop settling for less, we want more, we want real, we want to speak to people, we want it to matter, we want bands to matter again.

"One of the UK's premier rock and roll band; blistering guitar, heavy beats, and classic rock and roll song writing, are just some of the phrases ascribed to the sound of The Licks, a musical group driven by lead singer/lyricist/mulit-instrumentalist Niall Badcock.
Musically borrowing from Zeppelin to Sabbath to Hendrix to Pink Floyd, expect to hear the return of the guitar and then some, the group is here to drag guitar bands kicking and screaming to the forefront of music, ready to make rock and roll rule again, or at least shift a few records...
The focal point of the songs is the raging guitar, listening to songs like "White Monster" and One Trick Pony" you can hear that lead singer and guitarist (Niall Badcock) is one of the most inventive and original musicians to emerge in quite some time, these songs are bold, and daring, the group really knows how to craft a song, unafraid to stretch their musical influences, they dare to go where other bands won't, but crucially with quality and inventiveness every time; expect to hear harmonies, classic riffs, wailing guitars and insightful, honest lyrics. The Licks are the real deal and something completely fresh, they truly don't make bands like this anymore, I expect to hear a lot more about them as the music scene catches on to this band.
Quite simply this is rock and roll, this is the future and one of the finest sounding bands to come out of the UK in sometime..."
(Ewan Grant - Career Credits: ACM, Universal Music, Apollo Nettwerk, AIM)

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