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Sounds likeThe Kills, The Cramps, The B52's
LocationCape Town

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The Medicine Dolls are a three piece post-punk/Garage-Rock band from Cape Town, South Africa, formed in September 2016 by Greg Allan (Guitar & Vocals) Bex Nicholas (Bass) recently joined by Daniel Paulse (Drums). Drawing influence from the underground sound of 1970's London and New York, while taking notes from 1980's indie and post-punk, to create a unique sonic cocktail.

Since the band's relatively recent formation, we have independently released four EP's and completed five national tours, the most recent of which, saw us play 24 shows in 30 days, and took us to every corner of the country. More recently, we were asked to open for Springbok Nude Girls at the hillcrest quarry, and have been given the honor of being on the cover of the July issue of one of South Africa's premier art and culture magazines "The Lake".

Our influences include... The Stooges, The MC5, Nice Cave, Monty Python, Gin, Poetry, Broken things, music, The Marvelettes, The Libertines, The Clash, The Cure, Edie Sedgwick, The New York Dolls, DR Martens, new note books, old note books, The Cramps, The Kills, The White Stripes, Hunx and his punx, lists of influences...

Review by turnupthevolume.blog

As already told several times here before DIY garage rock misfits THE MEDICINE DOLLS are a perplexing three-piece. They sound like early The Cramps fronted by Nick Cave when he was going totally mental with The Birthday Party and they look exactly like the runaway grandchildren of that legendary New York Dolls gang. They are natural born outsiders doing what they do best: creating DIY kamikaze punk mayhem drenched with agitated passion and barbed wire tantrums. Producing raw primal rock and bloody roll shouting is what their confused raison d’être is all about. Their brand new 6-track EP titled ‘LOST LOVE LULLABIES‘ is filled with ardent paroxysms (Kiss Kiss Kill Me / Take The Bitter With The Better) and scream along eruptions (Best Dress / If I Had Your Daddy’s Money ) while the pitch black, depressive closer ‘Lost Love Lullaby‘, sung by Robert Smith‘s ghost, is a tormented emo burst for damaged hearts and carved souls. Haunting stuff! Hello 2018…

Review by thereview.ca

Back in December, one of our favorite discoveries of 2017, The Medicine Dolls, released a new EP, Lost Love Lullabies, in December. As expected, the six-song record is filled with rambunctious and fiery garage-rock that sounds like the melding of Jack White’s and Ty Segall’s greatest hits. One of the songs is “Best Dress”, which is a dark but delirious rocker that will have you wildly swinging your head.

Bex Nicholas’ sinister bass line fantastically opens the song and gives it a Halloween-like feel. Drummer Anro Femurs’ accentuates the harrowing tone with its intense rhythm work while Greg Allan’s piercing vocals and sizzling guitar add the suspense. His story is creepy in that in its real, as he sets his sights on how some people manipulate others in order to get ahead. The protagonist (or antagonist) might be a woman in high heels, but this person could be a man in a sharp-dressed suit or even ourselves.

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