The Menstrual Cramps

Sounds likeBikini Kill, Bratmobile, Petrol Girls, L7, Babes In Toyland, Pussy Riot

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Punk, Riot Grrrl band based in London, UK.
Emilia on vocals, Cooper on guitar, Robyn on bass and Keisha on drums.

We write, record and produce all our material ourselves, taking inspiration from the 90\'s DIY culture of Riot Grrrl.

Our tracks are political, raw, feminist, funny, current and relatable.
We say what we mean and mean what we say.
Our aim is to smash the patriarchy one track at a time!

We are currently putting the final touches to our new album, which will be released in Jan 2018. We also have new music videos coming out over the couple of months, lots of upcoming gigs and an album release launch party in Jan.

LibFemBlog featured us in their Top 5 Kick Ass Feminist Bands, Matchwomen\'s Festival called us the \'British Pussy Riot\', Overblown named us in their Top 10 Underground Feminist Punk Bands Making A Noise, we recently won Loud Women\'s 2017 Hercury Award and our track Frack Off was then played by John Kennedy on Radio X, on his X-Posure show.

Our debut album We\'re Not Ovaryacting, with tracks such as My Bush Aint Your Business, Cull The Tories, Make Girls Feel Good and Hashtag Sad Penis, has received air time on multiple local and independent radio stations and has been described as:

\'a supremely listenable and politically-engaged debut album\'
\'recalls the clatter of late 70s/early 80s DIY and anarcho-punk [...] without really sounding like anyone of the kind\'
\'a self-aware selection of broadsides complete with an illiberal amount of swearing and humour\'
\'full of low-fi punk tracks that can go from making you feel angry to laughing at the crudeness of it all\'
\'100% relevant right now\'
\'the singer is really arsey in a brilliant and inspiring (and funny) way, and the guitarist and bassist are just so very cool. Their songs are ace too.\'
\'so if it’s raw, angry, confrontational or political so much the better. The Menstrual Cramps are all of those.\'
\'impressive digital debut and a ridiculously-confident live debut on International Women’s Day for Who Runs the World/LOUD WOMEN\'

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Date Friday 10 November 2017 at 19:00
Address The Chelsea Inn, Chelsea Road, Bristol, United Kingdom, BS5 6AU
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