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Sounds likeX-Ray Spex, Death, Pure Hell, The Buzzcocks, GreenDay, John Mayor, RATM

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The Muslims are coming! This all-queer, Black & Brown punk band emerged onto the U.S. music scene in DURM, NC after the inauguration of Donald [fuckface] Trump.

Taking inspiration from classic punk and afropunk roots, they mix hardcore, rock-rap fusion, political satire and shared experiences as multi-racial Muslims into a powerful and spiritual deliverance. This band consists of lead singer/guitarist Laylatul Qadr, a Black Queer Muslim originally from NY, NC-born Palestinian drummer FaraH BaHbaH and bestest face, babygay Abu Shea on the bass.

****************** My grandma constantly calls us The Young Muslims.
This music is about all our personal discharge about everything that we hate and so the fans then absorb that; deep down our audience is irreverent-ass Muslims—who we were when we were younger. The Muslims will be the source for the most unfiltered anti-racist garbage in your face in the greater Triangle area, and [we’re] going to continue to make devastating-ass memes.


The Muslims is the therapy I needed growing up— the sound I was looking for in every white boy song. And it just didn’t exist. This band is also sweet, tender, and loving…and that’s why we rage about the things in the world that have tried to crush, harm, or silence us. I love building family with these queers and sharing that with anyone who wants it.


We love all Muslim punk bands that are shitting on white supremacy but when it comes down to it we are bringing different, unique, bastardized tater tots to the table.
The South has birthed a lot of brilliant music, and consistently birthed sounds for political resistance. Though punk is more commonly associated with NY or northern cities, this form and quality of resistance is Southern as shit. As kids of the [Palestinian and African] diaspora, our communities, cultures, and sounds are spread everywhere. Like there’s bomb-ass sounds coming out of every orifice of this continent because of POC fucks like us. We’re adding to a rich tradition of musical resistance in the South, it just happens to be punk as shit.


As salaami wa bacon

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Date Saturday 20 October 2018 at 06:14
Address Ponysaurus Brewing Company, Hood Street, Durham, NC, USA, 27701
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