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Sounds likeNo Doubt, Grouplove, Wolf Alice
LocationNew Jersey

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"The band’s debut single, is a brash and devilish track that crawls under your skin… In a world of oversaturation, it takes a lot for anyone to leave an impression. The Nectars have managed to do so with just one song." - Substream Magazine

The Nectars are like the first time you have sex. It’s fast, it’s loud, it’s over too soon, and you’re left desperately wanting more. Also, the lead singer is an alien.

Conceived in the shadow of New York City late 2016, some 20 miles west of its lavish neon clutches, The Nectars climbed out of the tangled New Jersey suburbs and into the local alternative rock consciousness. Still under a year since inception, they’ve already mercilessly plundered local studios for free recording time, creating over 10 tracks, shooting three videos and turning down early record label interest.

The Nectars’ punk inflamed guitars, inventive harmonic motion, trashy beats and raw vocals lay a foundation influenced by EDM, funk and scorching live performance. The sound attracted the attention of renowned producer Tony McAnany and legendary Nasvhille engineer Chuck Ainlay who were both so impressed that they’ve arranged to record 4 more tracks with the band in New York’s famous Power Station Studio C, October 2017 as part of the AES professional audio convention. The Nectars plunder continues – make that 14 recordings, suitably armed with several releases primed for 2018.

Brainchild of ex Basic Vacation members, Jon Paul (Bass / vocals) and Mike “Mad Dog” Montalbano (Drums / vocals), The Nectars are already proving to be one of those special bands that are born in a basement but self-assured in their look and sound.

After recruiting friend and accomplished musician Michael Baron (Guitar / vocals), the boys were eager to complete the imagined quartet with a gritty and edgy female front. Bingo, in comes Jessica ‘Jess’ Kenny and childhood friend of Mad Dog Mike. Possessing a raw vocal, sassy attitude and super cool look, The Nectars are now the complete package.

Pictured are punk-pop New Jersey band The Nectars who will record tracks for their new EP with the METAlliance founders at Power Station BerkleeNYC.

The Nectars recently recorded tracks for their new EP, produced by Tony McAnany with METAlliance member Chuck Ainlay. Sessions were held during the post-AES weekend "In Session With The Guys," October 21 & 22 in New York City at famed Power Station BerkleeNYC.

"Producers are always balancing context and identity. So we are going to approach the session like we are under the gun to deliver music to a director who wants a new sound for an upcoming film and to a label president who needs the single ASAP for radio," remarked producer Tony McAnany. "Real life intensity with a truly special new band."

Chuck Ainlay added, "We're thrilled to be working with a great, creative producer like Tony McAnany and this edgy band in session for a Nectars' hit in the making."

Great songs, powerful live performance, debut studio recordings and self-made videos – assets all in place to drive The Nectars on to your playlists in 2018!

"It has been said that rock and roll is an attitude. If true, then few acts working today embody the spirit of real rock quite like New York up and comers The Nectars. “Heaven,” the band’s debut single, is a brash and devilish track that crawls under your skin and makes a home inside your bones. A first listen brings to mind a late night spent under dim lights in a crowded room where the walls are wet with sweat and the stink of cheap cigarettes fills the air. You might be concerned about all the clear health violations if it weren’t for the music, which is keeping you alive and the building upright with an energy no amount of modern technology can replicate." - Substream Magazine

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