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I'm a 19 year old unsigned artist from Worcester in the West Midlands. For years I struggled to find a singer, as I couldn't really sing my lyrics in the way I wanted them to sound, I was very fixated on a particular style. It wasn't until early 2018 that I got tired of looking for a singer (nobody around me was interested or had the same views as me) so I decided to just speak the lyrics myself as I'd started making music that I was really into and that I thought I could do more with. I had a very basic demo for a track called '3 Years' and did a one take vocal that I then uploaded to SoundCloud the next day. Once it was up, I sent the link out to everyone I could think of, whether that be friends, family, bands or blogs etc. Within an hour I got a reply from Austin Williams of Birmingham band Swim Deep, saying that he loved it. We got talking and made a few rough demos that day, just through emails and audio files. Throughout the next few weeks, conversations continued and I kept sending him over demos that I'd made on my phone, this then led to him deciding that he wanted to produce my first EP.
Recorded in his home studio in London, my self-titled debut single, produced by Ozzy was released on 8th August 2018. I've been said to be reminiscent of early The Streets material, as well as Baxter Dury and The Twang.
I'd like to think of The New Consistent as a project whereby I can dip in and out of different genres with different releases. I think it's important to be able to have a variety to delve into with an artist and because I just speak my lyrics on the tracks, I can make it work with a lot of different sounds.
In terms of inspiration, I've learnt a lot from the lyricism of Loyle Carner, Mike Skinner, Alex Turner and The Rhythm Method. I think the theme with these artists is that they all tell a story within their songs, and naturally, the more I write, the more I find myself doing the same.

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