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Sounds likeFoo Fighters, Biffy Clyro, Queen

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The Omega Era are cementing their place in the Northern live music scene with their dynamic and tight sets of old school rock and indie style tunes delivered with the ferocity of a band starting out in the Barfly
scene in the 90s, but carrying themselves with the confidence of a seasoned group of rockers. With a new EP in the chamber ready to be recorded and a raft of new and exciting songs The Omega Era are ready to take anyone on! Rock is not dead!

“Rock is not dead, we want to make sure you know it”
Gav Ramsay (Bass Guitar)

The Omega Era are a band that leave you in no doubt where you stand. Sure there is enough variation in their set to span most of rocks sub genres, but pounding rhythm sections layered with soaring leads,
anthemic vocal melodies that make you want to sing along at full volume are the base ingredients for the
Omega sound. Formed mid 2014 by Gav Ramsay and Jonny Skinner who had just met playing in their last band Recovery's final days it soon became apparent they shared a similar vision for a big solid rock band that could carry Jonny’s ever growing roar. Once the blueprint was set Gav knew there was only one man for the role of lead guitarist long time friend and song writing partner from former bands Reckoning/Soundstorm days, Ry Jones. The search for a drummer began but already songs like "Turn Us Away” and “Revelations” were coming through and the Omega sound starting to take shape. After being passed the number of a drummer who might be available the call was made. One week later enter James
Dye (ex Hung). It was instantly obvious that the circle was now complete.
The first gig followed shortly after, a mix of covers and originals at a sportsmans ball provided a good
foundation for the band to become a solid unit. A run of local gigs saw the covers thinned down to make
way for new originals. The omega sound was by now well defined. June 2015 saw the recording and release of their debut e.p “ALPHA”.

With a few local gigs and festivals booked the band are now looking to take their music further afield.

DJ Trev – Local Gig Promoter

“The Omega Era have an energy and passion for the music they play and verge excellence with a dedication to live music that is both infectious and affirming”

Allheavymetal.net - Band Network Website

“Motions is one of the few songs I’ve heard that made me go WOW’“

I am Glad to give the E.P 8/10”

Rufus Beckett – Promoter, Festival Organiser

“The Omega Era combine the grit and balls of britrock with the soul and edge of american bands such as the Red Hot Chilli Peppers”

John Shepherd – Studio Owner and Producer

“ The Omega Era are passionate and energetic, a real pleasure to work with! They obviously love their music and it shows through the catchy choruses and tight live shows”

Tim Hornsby – Fibbers

"Phew, The Omega Era. Stepping manfully in to the breach last minute with The Amazons and blowing us away with a blast of old school rock and indie, huge choruses and a huge sound."

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