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Sounds likeLeon Bridges, Gary Clark Jr., The Beatles
LocationBuenos Aires

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The Otherness are a young rock-soul-pop collective from Comodoro Rivadavia, La Patagonia (Argentina).

Martin, Gonzalo, Agustín and Pablo started to play together by the end of 2009. They've toured Europe and Latin America and now they are recording their debut album (due to be released on December 2017).

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* The Otherness are hitting the studio to track 14 original songs in order to publish their debut album. After a successful UK Tour at the beginning of this year, the band is now back in Argentina and deep into the pre-production of their first album. The band had an extraordinary feedback from the english audience all over the country and found inspiration to get immersed into new sounds.

*The boys have just released a live session video filmed by Espacemen 3 in San Telmo and have recently performed a smashing set at Palermo Beer Fest in Buenos Aires.

*In recent interviews The Otherness manifested that "In the business sense of it Social Media applied to music is like an algorithmic trap, an echoe chamber where you only get what they know you like. All you see is you and all you hear is you. That's hypernormalisation and you notice it everywhere: politics, fashion, art. Needless to say that the music charts are a social media high and a real life low... What about the human experience? There's no app for loneliness just a phone for phoniness! Feel the music... Ain't no binary code! MODERNISM won the battle on QUANTITY, POSTMODERNISM lost the battle on QUALITY. Today, that's the challenge: to win the battle on quality, in everyday life. Indeed,that's the human element implication in arts".

*The Otherness will tour UK and EU (Germany, France, Belgium, Holland) between March and June 2018 and the tour it is aimed at promoting the protection, improvement and proliferation of worldwide grassroots music.

. "Authentic, quality, passionate rock, these guys really mean it"
(Chris Hawkins, presenter BBC Radio 6 Music)

· "From a country in love with rock n roll this is a band that is telling their own truth.”
(John Robb, "Louder Than War", Manchester)

· “Among the most unique and exciting bands we’ve come across in ages.”
(Rob Sayce, Subba-Cultcha, London)

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Date Saturday 9 December 2017 at 02:00
Address Bolívar 813, Buenos Aires, Argentina, C1066
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