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The Poes began with Will and Alex wanting to write some alternative folk music together. It wasn't long until the very idea of genre was thrown out of the window with the addition of launch pads, synthesisers and analogue drum machines. Both Will and Alex had a great appreciation of the history of pop music, begining with the rock n roll of the 50's through to the ultra cheese of the 80's.

With a collection of songs recorded between the two of them, a chance conversation with Will's boss lead to a meeting with Sam. Sam's knowledge of production, as well as his impressive vocals and general musicianship made for a great match with Will's vision for the band. The two quickly became friends and soon started spending more time at Sam's home studio. It wasn't long until Sam became a full member of the band, taking over vocal duties and handling all production.

During these sessions, Sandra was hanging out with the band. Sam's idea to have a backing vocalist with a delicate tone was brought to life with Sandra adding extra textures to tracks like Passing Lines and Absurdism. It wasn't long before Sandra also took over bass duties, freeing Will up to focus on lead guitar and electronics.

With the line up complete, the Poes are focused on honing a unique sound that echoes to the past. With the band having a wide variety of influences, ranging from the almost unknown (Ariel Pink) to the hugely famous (the Beatles), the Poes aim to make accessible pop music with an interesting twist that grows in you over time. With luscious pop melodies blended seamlessly with progressive undertones, the Poes have found their niche and hope to be able to develop this both in the studio as well as out on the road.

As multi-instrumentalists, the band will provide an exciting live experience and a sound bigger than the sum of their parts, with dual vocals, synth textures all brought together with layers of guitars.

The Poes hope that you enjoy their musical offerings and appreciate any help and support that you can provide.

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