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Sounds likeHans Zimmer, Ron Grainer, Dubmood
LocationUnited Kingdom

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Tell us a bit about yourself?
We are a collective of composers originally from Herefordshire and Shropshire. We compose, produce, record or otherwise create music in a variety of styles, most of which could potentially be described as 'soundtracks' to something. We aim to bridge the gap between the older, supposedly elitist works of classical music and the new sounds popularised through the internet. Jordan writes jazz, or sometimes orchestral soundtrack, or occasionally a bit of heavy synthwave, but he seems to be capable of dropping all this in an instant for at-first-apparently-meaningless noises as he embraces his love for sound design. Sam writes soundtracks. Massive, beautiful soundtracks for orchestras, synthesizers, small ensembles, solos or duets. You couldn't do his creations justice by saying he has a 'distinct style' - his 'style' as it were is comprised of so many tiny elements that he drops, uses, replaces or redesigns seemingly at will that all possibilities are open to him. This said he is rather fond of late romantic music, the work of Vaughan-Williams, and Fox Amoore. Tom writes synthesizers alongside orchestras, believing (only partially correctly) that anything can fit within the form of the 'song' that we all know and love. Though he isn't a great one for vocals, you won't miss them while you listen to the rigidly structured yet frantically busy pseudo-electronic mayhem inspired by the greatest works for classical guitar, alongside the music of the obscure subcultures from the beginning of the internet.

There are a lot of emerging artists in the UK right now. What sets you apart from the rest?
Firstly, there's three of us, and we're all vastly different. We work together, apart, or pretend to work together when in reality we aren't, or aren't really very sure. At the core of our unique mix of styles is a story. We maintain our sense of coherency through our unified focus on telling a single narrative - a science-fiction universe that challenges perceptions of fiction, reality, and character.

What’s your back-story?
We are storytellers. We are classical musicians and we are citizens of the internet. We love and respect the two 'sides' of the music we grew up with and we want to introduce people to something new.

What are you working on at the moment?
In the next 3-6 months we aim to complete the first 'season' of our story. After 'Devizes' and 'Ayres/Fleur' will come 'Mr Crunchus Numbus or 'The Twentieth Ghost of Prometheus''. During this time we will each release an assortment of solo releases before we begin the build-up to our first season finale. We are currently preparing our work for live performance in small venues in our home area.

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