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The Red Paintings are an orchestral art rock band/collective conceived and driven by lead vocalist/guitarist, songwriter and creative polymath Trash McSweeney. Eschewing traditional rock formats. All-female backing band. They traverse a vast musical landscape - this is truly contemporary progressive rock, fusing punk, classical, indie rock and metal in a unique sonic synthesis, underpinned by The Red Paintings' deep social consciousness. Haunting child-like lullabies of the future juxtaposed with raw, tearing alt-rock, multi-layered with epic orchestral arrangements.

TRP audience defies pigeon holes - baroque-pop steam-punks, metal-heads, indie-rock fanatics, musos who love challenging, intelligent songwriting and expression. Their live appearances are less gigs in the traditional sense, more immersive multimedia performance art events centred on their music. They recruit and involve local artists on stage to paint human body canvases and static canvases in real time, expressing the catharsis of the music. Their shows are highly theatrical, blending sound and visuals to create a visceral experience that captivates the senses and minds of the audience.

TRP critically acclaimed debut album propelled the band around the world three times as a headlining act. The buzz from this generated keen interest in their highly anticipated second record, evident from their hugely successful crowdfunding campaign (labelled by PledgeMusic's co-founder Jayce Varden as "one of the most innovative conceptual pledge campaigns ever"). The new album features a fierce rhythm section, grandiose orchestral arrangements and powerful choral accompaniments, all recorded in world-class studios around the globe (including East West Studios, Hollywood).

Mixed by ALAN MOULDER (Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins, Queens of the stone age) TOM LORD-ALGE (Marilyn Manson, Blink 182) and CHRIS SHELDON (Foo Fighters, Bloc Party), and with the same angst and social consciousness reminiscent of the first album, the ambitious follow up record takes The Red Paintings to another level of composition, artistry and grit. It will be accompanied by their most ambitious live performance experience yet.

"Just looking at the Pro Tools session showed the ambition that had been involved in creating this monster!"- Alan Moulder, Producer/Mixer

"This tune will blow your mind, what a tune, provokes emotion and takes you on a voyage, it's just so beautiful!"- BBC Radio, UK, DJ Lal Muttock

"It’s not just a rock show; it’s an experience that reaches beyond your ears and pushes your mind to feel rather than think..." - Play to Much, music press.

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