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Sounds likeArctic Monkeys, The Blinders, The Brian Jonestown Massacre

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The Roques are a five-piece Indie Rock band from Dundee who have recently performed alongside acts such as Rascalton, The Dunts, Walt Disco and Parliamo across several renowned venues spanning the country including Sneaky Pete’s (Edinburgh) and Broadcast (Glasgow). Their raw, enticing sound has already captured audiences nationwide and this only looks set to prosper for the future ahead. Fusing together a unique concoction of their most notable musical influences such as The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Blinders and The Last Shadow Puppets, The Roques create a captivating sound within their music which is purely unique to the band.

Bold, brazen and grungy guitar lines that harness psychedelic undertones accompany hypnotic vocals throughout the band’s infectious debut single 'What Do You See?' which was released to acclaimed response in June last year, racking up over 30,000 streams on Spotify to date.

Their follow up single 'Fear Me' was released on February 1st this year. The track takes major influences from the likes of Arctic Monkeys with the prominent drum beat that features throughout. Choppy, distorted guitar and bass lines accompany melodic vocals throughout which portray a darker edge to the band's music compared to that of their debut release whilst the catchy chorus lines ensures that 'Fear Me' is a firm fan favourite.

'Addicted' is the latest release from the Dundee five-piece. Opening with essences of the likes of rising Indie Rock artists, The Blinders, ‘Addicted’ is a track brimming with dynamism featuring pounding drums, dominant bass lines and bold guitar lines throughout. Lyrically, ‘Addicted’ portrays themes of volatile emotions, relationships and personal struggles that the band feel are prominent in the social lives of many people in the 21st century. Lines such as ‘I can see where I went wrong, but why did it have to take so long?’ provide a brief glimpse of the context of such mentioned themes that are arguably prevalent and very relatable to many people’s struggles in life.

"The Roques will soon go on to achieve something far greater than even their most loyal fans could anticipate..." (Discovery Music).

It’s refreshing to see a band push the boundaries and harness their ambitious ideas to create exciting new music.” (Mockit Music).

"Rock 'n Roll keeps digging itself back out through the massive force of newly emerging bands such as these guys" (Reyt Good Magazine).

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