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Sounds likeKasabian, Bohicas, The Amazons, The Black Keys, Liam Gallagher, Miles Kane , Cabbage, Idles, Oasis, Noel Gallagher

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For songwriter Ryan, the meaning behind The Rupees music is simple - ‘No messing about and nothing plastic, we’re making music that is going to give you energy, make you move, sing, and lose yourself in. Escape the 9-5, escape everything for a while and be somewhere better’.

The Rupees are a garage rock band from Bristol. Their distinctive and unique sound is a wall of snarling vocals, atmosphere defining synthesizers, grizzly guitars and thunderous rock grooves that culminates into nuclear mutation of Kasabian, The Black Keys and The Clash. The songs are an enticing soup of curt attitudes, titanic choruses and driving upbeat energy.

Ryan, Seamus, Jake and Tom are The Rupees and their music has already been showcased on BBC Radio 1 (Huw Stephens), BBC Radio 6 (Steve Lamacq), and Sky TV. Having played Reading Festival, supporting bands such as Blossoms and The Growlers and selling out their own headline shows, the guys are making some serious noises and are clearly ones to watch.

Ryan on how The Rupees came to be....

I worked on a building site straight from school but spent my days dreaming about music, song writing was always on my mind during these times, I couldn’t even play guitar at this point. The first thing I always did when I bought a new album was to look on the album sleeve, I wanted to know who wrote the songs. Songwriting fascinated me, I had no music training so bought a cheap, cheap electric guitar and an even cheaper amp and just started writing and writing. I slowly I had amassed a handful of really, really terrible songs, it was my only true outlet, the songs did get better.

I was really inspired by working class British bands like The Clash, Oasis and The Stone Roses I used to just love the attitude, no selling out, saying it how it was and how they felt, I just loved that, I feel that attitude is a little bit lost these days which is sad. So I spent all my spare time penning tunes in this vein - high energy, melodic, aggressive and honest, I used to write in the van at work on my break, at home and out and about, I was always writing stuff down.

Coming from Plymouth with not many opportunities or a good music scene I knew I had to leave, so decided on Bristol and went to find the music, that’s when The Rupees started. I met Seamus at a party in a very intoxicated state, with a name like Seamus Daley Dee and in the stupor I was in he was Irish. There he was the next day ready for a jam, turns out he was from Leeds with the thickest Northern accent I had ever heard, he definitely looked different as well, I still think I met someone else that night. Jake I met at uni, we weren’t really mates but I used to give him a lift in each day. He got wind I was starting band and every day for about 2 weeks he kept saying things like ‘I used to play keys you know’ and ‘I wish I could play keys in a band someday’ in the end I got pretty fed up with this so just said you can join but you need to buy a synth first. He borrowed a synth that week so I had to let him in.

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