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Sounds likeThe Stooges, Black Flag, Pissed Jeans, Viagra Boys, Motorhead

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Hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland, The Shan is the reckless result of a shared affinity for 60s garage, classic punk rock, and modern fuzz.

The Shan was formed in Edinburgh in the spring of 2018 by drummer Josh Lohr. A native of the American Deep South, Josh relocated to Scotland after two decades in Chicago where he ran with punk outfit Side/Action and post punk band The Dirty Things. In Scotland, he set out with the aim to build a garage-inspired punk band. Through a mutual friend, he met native vocalist and guitarist, Gordon Cockburn, who immediately insulted his taste in cheap ale. But with his crass sensibility, capturing the raw-fronted spirit of personal icon, Iggy Pop, Gordon was an instant perfect fit, assuming vocal duties and lead guitar.

Fast forward and a few lineup changes later, Gordon discovered The Shan's new guitar player at an Adolescents show at Bannerman's in Edinburgh's Cowgate. After far too many beers, Gordon managed to convince guitarist Frans Susimies to try out. Back in his native Finland, Frans had played in a number of crust punk bands, and brought the raw element The Shan was needing.

The Shan's debut EP "Meanwhile" was hastily recorded in Dundee and released in August 2018. They followed with sophomore EP “Wrong Year”, released in March 2019. The Shan's debut album "Casear" is set to release in July 2019.

Currently making a name for themselves on the live circuit, The Shan have already supported legendary members of the Stiff Little Fingers and Punk Conflict as well as being invited to play in London, Dundee, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cardiff and everywhere in between. Recent gigs have seen the band take a step forward with supports slots for Electric Eel Shock and Hands Off Gretel through THIS FEELING, The UK’s biggest touring Indie and Alternative club night. Their first UK tour was a success in establishing themselves as an unstoppable live act leading to support slots in Camden’s famous Dublin Castle and as well as being chosen to support Punk Legends The Dwarves.

Small Record Reviews - “Alternative rock and roll quartet The Shan are recent newcomers to Edinburgh’s rich music scene, and they did really well in making an impression with their debut EP – Meanwhile. They crash out the gates at a fast pace, and from wall-to-wall keep it going non-stop with a set of charged numbers that have a real verve to them. Looking forward to hearing more from The Shan!”

Twisted Transistor - “The Shan return with their follow up EP to last years “Meanwhile” The new release “Wrong Year” has seen the band grow musically whilst retaining the ferocity that runs deep in their earlier songs. Hints of Black Flag run confidently alongside the melodic intensity of Nirvana to create a whole new beast. Key track The Warriors is a sonic punch to the face that would make the MC5 proud. Check them out now

The album “Caesar” as well as EP’s “Meanwhile” and “Wrong Year” are available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and all other major platforms.

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Date Tuesday 6 August 2019 at 18:00
Address Bannerman's Bar, Cowgate, Edinburgh, UK, EH1 1NQ
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