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Sounds likeThe Killers, The Replacements, Arctic Monkeys

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The Shining Hours are a Brooklyn based alt-indie rock quartet, who has been said to have shows that explode in a cascading wall of sound. Scattered with raw and thought out lyrics, the passionate vocals cut through and penetrate brick by brick, swirling in a tornado of reverb-drenched guitar riffs and thick, driving bass-lines. Their lyrics are visceral and almost swimming in the shimmering grit of the guitar and drums. With their melodies infectious, you will in short, have their tunes stuck in your head for quite a while, and there's nothing you can do about it. They've been together since February of 2017.

Press from 'Divide and Conquer':

September 29th

'"Emily's Head" almost felt like a complete 180 from what I just heard with "Dead Batteries." The tone of the music is a lot campier and feels decidedly indie. The production is miles above what I got with the previous track and the vocals are fantastic. He hit some gorgeous notes. I literally had to stop and make sure I was listening to the same band. This time around I could hear everything in perfect balance. Best of all, I could make out the lyrics, and they're good! Like, blew my mind good. Despite being mixed in clearly a different style, the song maintained rough, reverby edges and a live feel. This track is easily my favorite.'

Press from 'The Blog That Celebrates Itself':

September 14th
(Translated from Portuguese)

"The debut of the NY Quartet, The Shining Hours, titled "Dead Batteries" is a slap in the face of those who think that indie rock is that mellow-like signature that we usually hear around.

The EP has an energetic footprint, something like if the Replacements joined the brats of the Arctic Monkeys and had a jam. Strolling through countless indie strands, the guys demonstrate that they could be bursting in every corner, just goodwill.

While this is not happening, take the opportunity to follow The Shining Hours from the beginning of their career, after they become famous, you will be able to say that you have known them since the beginning"

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