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The Sonic Taste is a RNR band made in the suburban Bucharest, crafted between orange bricks in a recording studio with a 15 years friendship ingredient, this fresh RNR duo is about to change your music taste.

The 1st single of the band was released on the 5th of February 2019 and it's called "In Your Eyes",
available for streaming and download on Spotify (and other streaming platforms via Universal Music Publishing). The song is about the inability to be an honest human being, about the lying and cheating and that this, at some point, will eat you up inside and be miserable and depressed, because being true to yourself and others is a form of being free.

It Tastes Good, doesn't it?

The two members of the band come from another local band, one of the best Stoner acts in Romania and from Eastern Europe, RoadkillSoda, opening for big names in the genre and also opening Exit Festival 2016 Edition, on the MAIN STAGE (before Bastille and Ellie Goulding) and also had a 3 weeks tour all over Greece as the main act. Other bands we've met along the way: Therapy?, Vintage Caravan, 1000Mods, Nightstalker, Planet of Zeus and Mando Diao, amongst others.

The new project, The Sonic Taste, it's aiming to something else this time. A much more modern approach to the composition itself, mix/master and overall as a band.

We both have a wide range of music that we love. From country to hard/heavy music and all our musical influences will soon be heard in our compositions.

We both have around a 15 years background in the local music scene. One of the singer's first bands, Cobe, opened for The Toasters over 10 years ago in Bucharest. Also, they've opened for Chris Shiflett's (Foo Fighters) ex-band "No Use For A Name".

If we would be asked to describe our band in one sentence that would be: When Biffy meets Dave Grohl and drinks with Liam.

Band's name comes from combining two things. Oasis' superhit "Supersonic" with the Rory Gallagher's (Yeah, i know there's no blood-related connection between them) band Taste. So there you go: THE SONIC TASTE.

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Date Tuesday 16 April 2019 at 13:37
Address Expirat, Strada Doctor Constantin Istrati, Bucharest, Romania, 040542

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