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Tell us a bit about yourself? The Sulks is a new, four piece guitar band formed in 2016 from the Swindon suburbs. Fusing dramatic harmonised vocal layers with conscious lyrics and a musicality which proceeds the young bands years, their explosive live performances have already earned a lot of attention on the local scene.Their eclectic influences shine through in their sound, taking influence from all corners of all genres, with the drama of Alt J and Arcade Fire and pop sensibility of Foals and The Beatles.

There are a lot of emerging Artists in the UK right now. What sets you apart from the rest? Our raw energy and sound, plus our interaction with the crowd

What’s you back-story? We have all been in bands before, all of which was very different so the Sulks is all about creating a sound unique to ourselves

What are you working on at the moment? New ep to be announced very soon, plus lots of new dates being announced all the time. We're we are still a relatively new band we are trying to build our fanbase and build our social media profiles, which for new bands these days the social media image seems to be nearly as important as the music we are making. A lot of the tracks we are currently writing are about heartbreak which I'm sure a lot of people can relate to, but its also about showing the importance of the situation.

What's the first song you remember hearing? The Beatles (James) Bob Marley (Rhys)

You're in a Karaoke Bar - What's your go to song? Police - Message in a Bottle (James)

What was the first gig you went to? N dubz (Rhys)

Which song do you wish you'd written? Imagine - John Lennon (James)

Which song changed your life? Grace - Jeff Buckley (James)

Which song would you like played at your funeral? Senorita - Justin Timberlake (James)

What song is stuck in your head right now? The one we wrote 5mins ago

What was the first Album you bought? Ozzy Osbourne (Rhys)

Which song made you want to play music? ABC - Jackson 5 (Rhys)

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Date Tuesday 24 October 2017 at 20:21
Address The Victoria, Victoria Road, Swindon, United Kingdom, SN1 3BD
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