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The Sunlight Machine is a Midlands-based two-piece that collage alt-rock, indie, emo and punk with intimate lyrics and intense energy.

Members Cameron Yazdi (guitar and vocals) and Darrell Mayo (Drums) came together in their hometown of Nuneaton in 2012. Frustrated and burnt out by a sleuth of chaotic lineups that could never agree on which covers to learn, the pair decided to team up. The mission was simple: to reconnect with that first taste of musical inspiration and find their own sound.

Initially inspired at age 13 by Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’, the pair eagerly swapped and shared MP3 libraries (and the occasional CD), turning each other onto different bands and co-creating an eclectic base of acts and genres from which to draw. The Sunlight Machine’s key influences span across late 90’s post-hardcore and punk such as At The Drive In and Refused, as well as early 00’s indie and alternative rock including Bloc Party, Queens of the Stone Age, and Biffy Clyro. More recent influences come from the 10’s emo/math-rock revival scene, namely Manchester Orchestra, Jank, and Remo Drive.

The band name comes from a device that is sometimes used to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD). The idea of being able to plug something in and feel like the sun was coming out was a fitting metaphor for the intimate and heartfelt lyrics that the band was trying to craft in their songs.

The Sunlight Machine spent the summer of 2012 practising daily from their living rooms and performing for friends at night in small but intense house shows. At one stage the practising became too much for neighbours of drummer Darrell Mayo, and the well-mannered and quiet A* student was threatened with an ASBO from Nuneaton and Bedworth Council.

The Sunlight Machine’s biggest challenge came as both members separated to attend university and moved around the country for work. Until 9 months ago, guitarist and vocalist Cameron Yazdi was living and working full time in Cumbria whilst drummer Darrell Mayo remained in Nuneaton. The determination to create a wave in the Midlands meant regular 6 to 8 hours drives to practice, record new material, and play shows. During that time (a period of about 12 months), The Sunlight Machine played 15 shows across Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Worcester, and Northampton. Venues included; The Sunflower Lounge, The Cookie, The Marrs Bar, The Lab, and O2 Academy Leicester. Now living in Nottingham, Cameron Yazdi and Darrell Mayo (still Nuneaton based) have their eyes firmly set on conquering both the East and West Midlands.

In 2016 The Sunlight Machine released their debut EP ‘103 The Garage Incident’ which captured the attention of BBC Introducing Coventry & Warwickshire, and local and national promoters; Birmingham Promoters, This Feeling, and Scruff of the Neck. The Sunlight Machine are releasing their second EP ‘Careers Day’ on Friday 9 August 2019, available worldwide to stream and download on their bandcamp and all major platforms.

With carefully crafted songs, ‘hell for leather’ live energy, and an unstoppable work ethic The Sunlight Machine have a busy and bright future ahead of them.

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