Them Sweet Nothings

Sounds likedystopian 1970s punk rock
Locationгород Киев

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After weeks of getting high on 1970s punk rock like Television, Richard Hell, The Dead Boys, Patti Smith, and the Stooges, we went into the studio for our first jam ever. We brought a tiny lamp, a pirate flag, and a voice recorder and spent two hours in the darkness, searching for our sound. The next day, I cut about 20 good songs from that session and handed our "demo album" to the band.

What are you working on at the moment? Trying to finish up this punk collage for our next open rehearsal.

Those demos on our SoundCloud are totally improvised.

NME is telling me that this bio should be a minimum of 350 words so fuck it, I'll just write up some bullshit.

So there was this gig at a place called "Ass Co Bar" (lol) in the fucking center of Kiev. You like enter some random bar, and then you go to what you think is the toilet, only to find another bar inside the bar. Barception bruuuh. Anyways, I just wanted to say that this band called Bluesbreaker is THE SHIT!! My girlfriend was afraid to enter. Meanwhile Im moshing drunk and getting elbowed and pushed around by random dudes

Our drummer posts an InstaStory from one of our gigs with our band name spelt "Them Sweet Nothing". I almost fucking died. We had the name for like a month now and all of this time he thought that we were called Them Sweet Nothing?!?!?!

Fuck me sideways.

There's this other awesome band called "Метель" (just copy paste that into google. You wont get hacked by russians or anything). anyways I just wanted to say that theyre jerks because they're like tryinna be punks but theyre impossible to fucking reach. We tried to invite them to headline a punk gig but all of our attempts went "into the rail" as we say.

Next, we found out that these guys take their equipment and drive it out into some fucking abandoned construction site where they set it up and play gigs strictly for their homies (mostly skaters). that's some next next level shit.

Fuck off and die if you think that Kiev is a doomed soviet third world nightmare. Only we get to call it that. You're a fucking tourist.

We're not jerks. If you wanna join us at a punk gig and get wasted - hit me up +380931428820

Gotta go now. Peassss.

Oh yeah. That soundcloud is updated regularly. Just sayin.

And if you listen to "Uptight" - listen to the whole fucking thing. We only warm up like halfway through it.

If you have any criticism, you can Fuck off too.

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Date Tuesday 31 October 2017 at 17:00
Address Yaroslaviv Val Street 33b, Kiyev, город Киев, Украина,
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