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Thuy's music, ethereal, otherworldly, ambient folk house. Programmed written and produced by her.

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Vietnamese born UK raised, writing and playing original music. Plays flute and guitar, imagine Jethro Tull crossed with Goldfrapp.

After a break from bands for some time, she has been writing and recording in her home recording set up, building up a body of work. Thuy is her latest project . She's back with new material from her life out of the music.

The genre is folk electric, written acoustically on a guitar but then made electronic and experimental. Influences are Joni Mitchel, especially her later albums; Dog eat dog, John Martyn, Goldfrapp, Portishead...

She has a catalog of work which show different periods of writing where the style of each period is distinct showing interesting progression to where it is now. Having never been "famous" but having written all her life her music has the depth and poignancy of life that she couldn't have found any other way.

Due to never reaching the mainstream, her writing has been interestingly enhanced with this and subject matter reflecting the obscurity of this upcoming writer performer.


Over the years she has been involved original music projects with different musicians. Thuy has fronted the following bands :

2018 THUY: Electronic experimental song list: disappearing/ conversation/ mad d minor / lie/replace it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DdfLCLVwiw

2005-07 LIQUID: Dance house Balearic . Co written by the band and some by Thuy. Christian Mather, Steve, Steve Cox discography: Sun/cyber girl/lost/close/wrapped https://soundcloud.com/thuy/close https://soundcloud.com/thuy/cybergirl

2003-05 NUYEN: Indi music. Co written with Thuy and John. discography:: wild west/supernatural women/unwind/tonight/crazy driver/ take you up/ she got it right now/going down/ https://soundcloud.com/thuy/feminism-nuyen https://soundcloud.com/thuy/you-must-be-crazy

1994-96 MILK: Indi music. Written by Tim -guitar piano . Dave drums, Laura bass, discography: new shoes/reverend fiction/so welcome/shallower/pleasant view/New day

1992-94 SEXTET: Jazz /acoustic style, 6 piece band. All penned by Thuy. Arrangements with the band. Drums Colin Schofield, Piano Jon Raison, Bass Keith, Guitar, Congas Roger Morris, Fransico Curasco. songraphy: blood on the pearl/while we sleep/ turned on/ on and on/ satisfied/phenomenal woman/oh child/good together

1986-89 Laughing Freeman: backing singing and flute discography: Cactus house/orbit/rise/the light/ Mal Bowers, Roger Morris, Colin Frost, Paula, Thuy, Phil Marshall, Junior, Paul drums https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4IOKA9I-As

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