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Growing up together, brothers George (vocals/rhythm) and Arnie Smith (lead guitar) have always been exposed to similar music tastes. Friendships formed between them and drummer Jimmy MacPherson-Amador early on, with Matt Wildman (bass) joining the musical circle a number of years later to create the group now known as Tinned Astronaut.

With an alternative rock sound infused with the post-grunge sounds of the 90s, Tinned Astronaut have found a home within the growing Wolverhampton music scene, and have supported the likes of The Amazons, INHEAVEN and JAWS over the last few years.

Speaking to Nottingham's 'Mic Magazine' in late 2017, George and Jimmy describe their early musical influences:

"American Idiot was one of the first albums I had and the first proper guitar music that I listened to, that wasn’t from Now That’s What I Call Music or something. Since then, we’ve really gotten into smaller British bands like Pretty Vicious and Fangclub, as well as loads of rock classics like Hendrix, Rolling Stones and all that."

"My dad listened to the likes of The Kinks, The Who, The Clash and The Jam, but we also hear a lot of indie in the B’Town movement with Superfood, Swim Deep and Peace. Basically anything that’s got passion!"

"Like many young bands, I don't think we sit down to write a song in a particular style or to drop into a certain genre - if we did the music might come across as contrived, or forced. That being said, we do find ourselves constantly coming back to the 90s rock that we grew up on and the stuff our parents used to play, whether it be from one side of the Atlantic or the other. The important thing for us is to keep it energetice, powerful and above all something entertaining for the people who come out to watch us play. "

The high-octane sound of Upsetty Spaghetti has arguably been their most successful track, with the release of second EP 'My Mate Jenny' in 2017 proving hugely popular with Midlands audiences and single 'Silver Tongue'

The band are beginning to explore the British music culture and unique sound even further in 2018, whilst keen not to lose sight of the other musical influences across other genres which have developed their current sound.

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