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Toby Garside is an Anti-folk/ Post-Punk musician from Dewsbury UK known as Dog Town to the locals, this cesspit of a town has incubated a thriving music & arts scene, unknown to the outside. Toby Garside started as a Photographer working for bands like Adore//Repel & Knitting Grooves and capturing the underground gigs across Dewsbury. After a long battle with Clinical Depression & Narcotics Abuse, Toby packed his bags and moved back home after living in Manchester since 2014, returning to his hometown scene inspired him to create his debut EP Ketamine Sweater. Singing about growing up in a deprived Northern town in England and the affects of Drug Abuse and Depression from his teenage years, His Debut EP Ketamine Sweater, follows the ups and downs of narcotics from the Happiness of Ketamine Sweater to the depressive of I'll be Fine. The EP takes a deep-dive into his psych, looking into why he takes narcotics, his battle with addiction with Cocaine and his failing mental health.

Toby has started gathering a devoted fan base for his unique sound and blunt attitude towards music, he has supported bands such as Cement Ship and Kluksa & Favela, and is quickly making a name for himself in his local scene. Toby was signed by Shoveitupyourcult Records, a local record label in Dewsbury, who has helped him shape his style, and further his music career.

His upcoming Album Jesus left me and Took the Kids, is a Anti-folk homage that includes tracks such as Deep Down, You're to Blame and You're not a Feminist plus the original EP, now in an acoustic style. The album explores his ideologies on topic such as Politics, Climate Change, Civil Unrest and self image. as well as introducing Ketty Kev, a character created by Toby, during an episode of high drug taking. Ketty Kev is an exaggeration of Toby, moulded with the image of how people see him. He acts as a parody to himself and the Anti-folk scene as whole, and usually appears at shows.

"Dubbed local legend by Jimmy who owns a record shop in Dewsbury."

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