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In late 2017 singer-songwriter Spencer Rixon decided to put his punk band past behind him and go for a style of music he could show his parents without cringing. He didn't quite manage that last part, but he did start Tojo The Dwarf, something that originally started as a solo recording project in Huddersfield, but had now morphed into a full band in Liverpool.

The band blends together a number of influences, from the dreamy-pop sounds of Alvvays, to the melodic shoegaze-inspired sound of Pity Sex, the quirky indie sound of Pavement and the laid back vibes of Mac Demarco.

To date Tojo The Dwarf have several releases behind them, including 'Living In A Time Capsule', a 5 track EP, the single 'Indications', and a double sided single to be released on 20/09/18 entitled 'Sad Eva'. Each release has been approached in a different way, as the first EP was nearly exclusively written and recorded on acoustic guitars which were then altered and manipulated afterwards to sound electric.

'Indications' intended to bridge the gap between the heavier material on the EP and the lighter songs, with its fuzzy, distorted bridge contrasting with the laid back vibes of the verses and chorus. The lyrics explore the contentment in sitting at home watching the tele and just not thinking about anything, but the dangers that life just might slip by if you don't notice soon enough.

The new single 'Sad Eva' is a continuation of the style explored on 'Indications', combining introspective lyrics with some reverb soaked atmospheres and catchy guitar lines. Here the lyrics are focused on the morbid rut people tend to get stuck in, where the inevitability of life can seem inescapable. The B-Side to this single is a new mix of 'Indications', re-imagined in an electronic style reminiscent of alternative R&B artists.

As a band, Tojo The Dwarf have a number of gigs behind them across Huddersfield and Liverpool and are planning much more for the coming months. Whilst initially planned as a solo project, the tracks are given new life in the live setting and it brings an energy that just can't be matched on record!

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