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Trash Life is a two-piece Rock band started in 2017 from Lincoln, England, consisting of guitarist and vocalist, Adam Turner and drummer, Karina Lawrence. Trash Life’s sound consists of oversaturated guitars, weird tunings, breathtaking drums, and rasping vocals that can only be possible after three cigarettes.

Before officially forming as a band, Adam Turner wrote and demoed a large collection of songs over a couple of months in 2016 as vocalist, guitarist and drummer, taking the approach of not being a perfectionist, despite being an overly neurotic songwriter Adam demoed the songs using one mic on the drums, single track guitar and very little layering on vocals to see what could come of it. After friends expressed that he should form a band, he recruited long-term friend Karina Lawrence.

On discussing recording a portion of songs from the demos, they took to recording at home November 2016, finishing recording early 2017, at this point the two hadn’t played any of the songs together going in completely blindfolded; however this worked well as neither were pigeonholed to what could be played, and each member put their stamp on the record adding their own influences.

After going public as a band on the 4th December 2017 releasing their debut single “Cities Don’t Sleep, Neither Do We”, followed by their second single “Vernon” released February 13th 2018, the band have since featured on BBC Music Introducing and Amazing Radio with Elise Cobain.

Trash Life started recording their debut EP “Trash Life” November 2016. The EP was recorded by frontman Adam Turner in Lincoln and mixed and mastered by Luke Pickering at The Church Studios, London. “Trash Life” EP will be released by TwentyFourFramesPerSecondRecords on 7th April 2018.

Trash Life's debut EP blends an array of musical influences, from Bruce Springsteen to the Foo Fighters whilst accompanying each track tactfully with Turners unique sound. Although written in an unusual guitar tuning this nostalgic EP maintains it’s pop influence, with memorable vocal hooks and incredible drumming, making for a noteworthy record. “Trash Life” will be available to download via iTunes and Amazon, stream via Spotify and Deezer and available on CD from www.trashlife.co.uk.

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