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Sounds likeThe Velvet Underground, Syd Barret, David Bowie
LocationLos Angeles Convention Center

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Hi. I'm TS Idiot, a 27 year old songwriter from Los Angeles. Ive been writing music for the last 12 years accumulating hundreds of songs.

The ten track LP id like to show you is about the last 12 years o my life. In Los Angeles, more than other places, there is a constant feeling of not being good enough. Even the people in the expensive cars like to outspeed one another. This album is about what the human spirit goes through in such a place and how it rationalizes being an outcast.

When o was signed in 2009, I was busking on a busy shopping strip in Santa Monica. A woman stopped to listen and picked up a cd of demos I was giving away. A few days later on myspace, I got a message saying that she would like to meet. Her husband was a producer, Damian Wagner, and he was blown away by what he heard. He invested in an ep that was recorded in various places including the legendary Sunset Sounds on the Sunset Strip. It features Stella Mozgawa of Warpaint before she was in Warpaint.

Through connections with the label, I was able to play some shows with Clem Burke, drummer of Blondie, who called me "The future of Rock n Roll." Hey, I didnt say it.

The EP didn't turn out as we had planned and the label execs we showed it to thought it was inconsistent in genre. I think I was too young and inexperienced at the time to capitalize on all the attention I was getting so I imploded and the relationship with the label dissolved. I have deemed this ep unfit for human ears at the moment.

In 2012 I completed another LP which was self produced. I discovered what I wanted and what I didnt want but being a perfectionist, I have also deemed that unworthy for human consumption.

After the completion of my 1st LP I decided that I needed a band if I was going to get anywhere so I moved to north Carolina to start a band with Sin Ropas. When that didn't pan out, I moved back to Lis Angeles.

Now frustrated and beaten down, I was able to make the album I really wanted to. Lay L.A.

And I'm not done. Never.

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