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Sounds likeMogwai, Slowdive, Explosions in the sky

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Tús Nua was formed in 2014, but exists with these members since 2016. The band released
an EP called Existence in April of 2014. Tús Nua's first album Horizons was released in
September 2017 and is available on their Bandcamp page; first single from the album, called
Matches, was released in July 2016, followed by the second single Geysir, which was
released in July 2017. Horizons takes the known and the unknown from everyday life and
turns into atmospheric music with short lyrics, and ambiguous meanings, taking you on a
journey you can experience in a hundred different ways.
Their first full album was announced with two singles, „Matches“ and „Geysir“, together with music videos for both. There's 9 songs on the, all of which where recorded, mixed, and mastered in Chicken Sound Studio (Vedran Kovačić-Beli) from 2016 until 2017. Artwork and illustrations were made by Eva Badanjak.

Tús Nua plays a blend of post-rock, shoegaze, and a little bit of everything, and is currently
based in Zagreb. So far, Tús Nua has played in Belgium, Slovenia, and Croatia.

Tús Nua are Jordi Ilić (guitar/vocals/synths), Jelena Božić (guitar/vocals/synths), Matea
Milevoj (bass guitar/synths/back vocals), and Eva Badanjak (drums).

"‘Tús Nua’ have this uncanny knack of building tracks slowly, before twisting and morphing them into massive melancholic beasts that teeter nervously on brilliantly executed drum patterns. Their tracks linger on addictive passages of guitar before diving headlong off the edge into mesmerisingly deep pools of shimmering shoegaze orientated instrumentation before climbing out and starting all over again." – (Del Chaney, Primal Music)

„After just a short listen, it was clear to me that Horizons would be one of the best albums of this year. I like it the most when something surprises me, and knocks me off my feet, and that's exactly what happened with this album. It might not be everything I usually like, but it's mixed into one magnificent story which is really hard to resist – in short, this is a dreamy post-rock dream-pop which isn't scared to incorporate many other alternative genres into its music.“ – (Siniša Miklaužić, Muzika.hr)

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