Sounds likeWeezer, Jeff Rosenstock, Andy Kaufman
LocationSt Albans

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TV COMA are a self hating millennial rock band. Raise on a lean diet of crap beer and Weezer albums, songwriting sibling Leo and Max Troy join forces with drum whiz Robert Clark and deeply unemployed bassman Jamie Rider to pump out Power Pop earworms influenced by Jeff Rosenstock, Blur and Andy Kaufman.

Wallowing in a void of deep unemployment, TV COMA started life as an outlet for the frustrations of brothers Max and Leo, who were trapped in the draining daily slump of a life without gainful occupation that will be all too familiar to many young creatives. Their resulting debut EP, Body Negativity, was an entirely DIY affair with all six songs written and demoed by Leo, Max and Jamie.
The band then convened in Max’s bedroom and recorded their individual parts, before Max became a solitary production warrior, mixing the whole EP in two claustrophobic weeks and then whipping the tracks overseas to West West Side Music genius Alan Douches (Ben Folds Five, Converge, Sufjan Stephens, Mastodon and more) for a little sprinkle of mastering magic.
This combination of bedroom recording and high-end mastering has resulted in Body Negativity cleverly offering the best of both worlds; it’s got the charm and the creative freedom of a DIY release with all the punch and the power of a big, lumbering beast of a major label spit-shined brute.

Offering up a jaded and scathing commentary on modern life, the EP is chock-full of societal observation and critique. Whether it’s the slurry gang vocals of ‘Have A Party’—which was inspired by “some absolute legends” in Batchwood nightclub “grinding up and down each other making grunting noises to DJ Fresh”—or the painful truth of ‘Digital Girl’—“about a sexless romantic relationship that exists only on the internet for 50 years and then they both die”, TV COMA certainly aren’t afraid to call out problems as they see them.

Across the rest of the EP, ‘Trudy’ laments a meeting with a pseudo-intellectual modern art student at a party who wouldn’t stop talking about quinoa, ‘Unemployable’ hails the irony of being too poor to buy Rich Tea biscuits in Tesco, previously-released single ‘I Don’t Like Football’ is the band’s loving tribute to the beautiful game of kicking the ball, and EP closer ‘Grow Up’ threatens to kill the band’s dream dead early by examining the inevitability of getting older.
On Body Negativity, TV COMA prove themselves a thoroughly modern, self-deprecating and cuttingly dry young bunch of musicians. They’re a band for the post-truth age of the ridiculous doublespeak in which we live. Sure, they might look like Manson Family rejects, but don’t let the beardy vibe weird you out.
TV COMA are just like you.

"Off-kilter indie punk...looks at life’s problems from a uniquely skewed perspective" - The Punk Site

"One of the freshest, most enjoyable indie-punk releases in some time" - The Soundboard [8/10]

"Loaded with sarcasm, depression, hilarity, and irony" - Keep Track of The Time

"This is music for one of the many sets of idiots I’d like to mow down in the street with a fucking machine gun." - Apathy And Exhaustion

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