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Sounds likeBiffy Clyro, Million Dead, Arcane Roots, Marmozets

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Introducing, one mighty noise. London band Twin Jackal don’t waste time in making an impact. The South London group have always been drawn to vastly different sounds. Growing up on UK hardcore acts such as Million Dead, the band have always had a thirst for dirty anthemic rock - think those early Biffy Clyro albums and you'd be close.

Sitting alongside this, however, Twin Jackal fuse the influence of left field acts, citing prolonged spells in the rehearsal room discussing Arcane Roots and Marmozets.

With the anger of hardcore or metal, the fuzz of stoner rock and always searching for the true emotion of pop or indie rock, they found their own unique sound: a mind-boggling mix of math rock rhythms, unpredictable guitars and soulful vocals sewn together into a fierce wall of sound.

Delivering a forceful contemporary rock punch that’s both adrenaline-powered and lyrically eloquent, charged with burning blood but steely eyed and purposeful.

“Matching mathy, jagged elements to that strident, empowered vocal, 'Humility' sparks with energy, a hard-hitting introduction that comes emblazoned with fresh ideas.” - Robin Murray, Online Editor, clashmusic.com

“You hear Biffy Clyro emerging like an oil soaked and wild-eyed desperado walking out of a burning building bearing his teeth. The energy, intensity and ingenuity of this track is breath-taking” - Roland Monger, Blogger, Listenwithmonger

“Undeniably crafting a sound that harbours flecks of UK rock bigwigs like Biffy Clyro and Twin Atlantic.” - DANIELLE DE WOLFE, ONE STOP RECORD SHOP ON ‘CRUEL’

The bands first two singles have been featured by the likes of Clash and Upset magazine, with their video for 'Cruel' being featured on New Noise Magazine. Both songs are from their forthcoming debut EP Optimo Animo.

Producer Chris Coulter (Arcane Roots, Jamie Lenman, Arctic Lake) recorded and produced both tracks in Decimal Studios, his riverside studio in late 2016.

When discussing their latest single 'Cruel', the band state “to us, ‘Cruel’ has two interpretations,” the band explain. “The first is a one-sided conversation with another person expressing frustration, pain and acceptance. It’s not their fault the ruts they find themselves in feel insurmountable.

“The second is an introspective look at the challenges we face alone; the bad habits developed by our own mind becoming self-fulfilling prophecies in the way we treat ourselves."

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