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Sounds likeThe Glitch Mob, Nine Inch Nails, IAMX
LocationSalt Lake City

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I'm Tyler, a one man electro band from Salt Lake City, UT, writing in digital audio workstations since 2009, eventually learning Ableton Live and producing and performing with midi controllers such as AKAI and the Ableton PUSH (V1) currently.

My biggest inspirations are electronic musicians, from EDM today to the new wave and synthpop of the 80's. It was bands like The Cure and Depeche Mode which pushed me to explore the experimental side of electronic music, from soundscapes to heavy four on the floor beats and progressive and intricate guitar liquid like guitar riffs.

Later on in my early teens, I discovered Nine Inch Nails, and fell in love with [With_Teeth], YearZero and The Downward Spiral. I'd also been exposed to music from Tool, A Perfect Circle, Sneaker Pimps, Ozzy Osbourne, Marilyn Manson, and later on IAMX. It's a dream of mine that's becoming a reality to create these strange electronic productions and play them live, seeing musicians like NIN, The Faint and The Glitch Mob live have pushed me further to learn all I can about Midi programming, design, as well as sound production, recording and live performance from a metal head's perspective. I like making heavy sounding music; that you can dance or rock out to.

Something that really sets me apart from most musicians is my lyrical content, album and art concepts as well as photography and video, and sound design. I program all of my music and drum beats, and design the way they sound, sometimes from scratch, other times from editing presets; I aim to make unique sounds with most of my songs, having some consistency here and there for familiarity. The overall feel to my musical project is the Ethereal Alien-ness of it. It's out there, It's metaphysical, the lyrics can be controversial, and it's really not happy music. Life can be beautiful and happy, and when I can, I capture that. But for the most part, my music stays moody, raw, and limitless.

I started making music by myself when I was 14, using a PowerMac G4, from way back when Mac/Apple was respected, and they were favorites for multimedia design. From Garageband and iMovie, I taught myself how to play with synthesizers, learning the effects that make them sound the way they do, as well as learned basic mixing concepts. I grew up in the Mormon Mecha, Salt Lake City, UT in the U.S. The 'promised land' for the LDS religion, which is pretty culty in itself. As a young child I never bought into the religion, and as an 14 year old teen, I accepted there was no God and everyone on Earth was pretty fucking stupid for believing there was; like Santa Claus. Seeing as I was the local Anti-Christ, I felt very alone, and judged. So I poured that into my music.

What are you working on at the moment? I'm currently working on three albums, 2 EPs that are halfway finished, and a new project with my brother called Wolf Twin. I recently released my album Sequence Volume One: Galaxy Suspension on BandCamp, getting a couple of the songs on Apple Music and Spotify. After my albums are completed in early 2018, I'll be pushing for live shows in other states and countries.

One of the first songs I recall hearing was something new wave; it would've been whatever my dad was listening to at the time, which was most likely Depeche Mode. I'd say "Enjoy The Silence" We listened to the Cure and The Cars a bit too. That's all I recall.

My Karaoke Bar go to song is Depeche Mode's Enjoy the Silence. I learned to do covers or karaoke in a range you're comfortable with. I tested it out once, it went well. My friend compared to someone putting a recorder of Dave Gahan's vocals to the mic and my mic was actually turned off.

What was the first gig you went to? Warped Tour 2004 or some bullshit festival show like that. My first real show was Tool in Salt Lake City/West Valley in 2006. That was worth every bit of pain, anger and frustration in getting a ticket to a sold out show and having to throw away my NIN biography of Trent Reznor in order to get my dad to give me money to go get a ticket for TOOL. His priorities were always fucked up. Religion/Cults will do that to you.

Which song do you wish you'd written? I don't wish I wrote anybody's music, because I feel what I write is right for me. And most of my work I'm proud of. Being jealous or envious of another artist for writing an amazing song, seems very pretentious and egotistical. My favorite song to sing however is probably Judith by A Perfect Circle.

Innerpartysystem's Don't Stop changed my life when it came to music design, production and performance.

"Do You Feel It?" by Chaos Chaos is what I want played at my funeral.

"Dream Sequence" by Break Science has been stuck in my head as of late.

My first album was some sort of greatest hits compilation by Ozzy Osbourne, it had a couple of Black Sabbath songs on it as well, and the album art was what convinced me to buy it. It featured a big gold cross that read Ozzy. That to me, was a fuck you to religion, which I really like.

I can't recall a particular song that really pushed me over the edge and helped me decide I wanted to make some sort of career out of music. We all dream of being the best musician among our peers, but what it really comes down to is how much of a difference you can make by inspiring everyone else we can in the world. Whether that's positive or negative depends on the artist. I guess I realized that when I was 16, and it was while self teaching myself how to play the guitar parts on Tool's Lateralus.

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